Healing In The Akashic Records

The Akashics are etheric fields of pure potentiality present on fifth dimensional reality construct. We do connect to this place through the potential of our soul’s purpose. The more we live in accordance with our soul’s design, the greater the expansion of the Akashics.

You can imagine the Akashics as fields of energy that fill up the entire universe. I call it “The Akashic Energy.” Many call it: "The quantum Field". This is a gateway of energy and information. It is non static, it is ever creating changing and moving. Scientists call this “Point Zero Energy.”

Healing in the Akashic Records involves connecting with this field of knowledge in order to gain information on the energy patterns that are not in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Everytime that you meditate, set an intention, visualize your life the way you want, say affirmations, you enter into energetic connection with your Akashic record. 

You are not separated from your records, you are the living, breathing physical expression of your record. 

Soul Level Healing

This form of soul level healing is not about the “healing your soul,” because your soul is perfect and does not need healing. Healing it’s about reconnecting your personality with your soul. Also your soul does not evolve or grow, you do.

Once you realize that you do not have a soul, but that you are a soul, you look at reality with new eyes. Literally you begin the process of ascension. This is a changing point of your existence, when you now know that you are an infinite being of light having a human experience.  

How Your Create Energy Blocks

When you seek healing in the Akashic Records, you are actually seeking knowledge and understanding on what isn’t yet been fully integrated into your conscious awareness. You are looking for energy patterns of thought and emotions that are scattered and disconnected from your personality. I call them “The Lost Children.”

These are versions of yourself that you never integrated into your current personality and that are energetically attached to your energy field as appendages that create energy drain.

You don’t know they are there. You created them most likely in this life time by experiencing something traumatic in your life. They are still there as they feed off your low emotional emanations based on fear, doubt, self-criticism and anger. 

These versions of yourself were created by your ego mind as a form of separation in order to provide protection as a result of a traumatic event or situation.

You may not even remember the trauma that you suffered and you may not even recollect the actual event that originated the whole thing, but your energy field still vibrates with its frequency.

You know it’s there because it shows up in your life as negative experience and the experience is in perfect vibrational alignment with the energetic block you are carrying. 

Releasing Old Energy Blocks

Releasing energy blocks is the first step to achieve true emotional balance in your life. This is a process that needs to be wonted on each day. When you let go of things of your past that not longer serve your highest good, you feel better and create more room for new positive experiences to come into your life.

It’s hard for us to let go of things. Let's work for example with the feeling of betrayal. If there is anyone in your past that has hurt you, imagine you are talking to this person and say:

“Thank you for the learning you have given me. I now know what I really want in a relationship, now. Thank you for teaching me how disloyalty feels like. Thank you for showing me how heartache looks like. Thank you for showing me how disgust feels like. Thank you for showing me how__(fill in whatever you have experienced in the relationship that is negative)_______.  Now that I have experienced the negative polarity of this situation, I consciously choose to experience true love, joy, laughter, loyalty, honesty, and __(fill in what energy quality you want to attract into your life)___.”

This process alone creates an intense energy surge in your energy and chakra system and creates an energy release. It’s the “Letting go” of a difficult situation. You let go of the negative polarity of the experience in order to move beyond the trauma. You retain the learning experience, minus the trauma. This is how the healing is done.

Difficulty In Letting Go

You may feel the need to hold on to this situation in order to make sure it will not happen again. In so doing you are actually resisting it. And, as they say “what resists persists.”

It persists because you choose to feed it with your own energy, instead of letting it go. You feed a negative experience by talking about it with anyone that gives you sympathy, by blaming yourself for been so naïve, by feeling shame and anger toward the person who cause you such a deep emotional pain. You create energy cords that don't allow you to let go.

You create a "story" that you tell yourself over and over. In your own mind you create a new energy field in which you put the story you have decided to tell yourself and others about what has happened. You put it away, but it is not gone. 

In so doing, you allow a disconnection, a separation from yourself to occur. When this happens, it’s as if you have a red flag telling to the outside world: “I am victim of betrayal and this is my story.”

People sense this and you will notice how most people will either avoid you while others will be magnetically attracted to you. These are the ones that are actually resonating in vibrational alignment with this statement.

Carrying Your Emotional Baggage

When you are in this state you are literally carrying around, energetically speaking, a dead weight, the version of you that is still carrying the wound. This is your emotional baggage.

Unfortunately this baggage has an negative energetic influence on you, day after day. Because now you are viewing your life through the filter of this "emotional baggage energy," it resonates so much in your energy field that, by the law of attraction, it validates it. You may ever hear yourself saying: “You see, I was right, people are out there to take advantage of you when you are nice. I knew this way going to happen to me!”

Can you imagine going through life carrying this energy block? It literally changes you and changes the entire outcome of your life. Over time you forget the original version of yourself.

You can also see how this creates a separation between you and your Higher Self. You lose connection with your soul’s design because the energy block you have created prevents you from seeing clearly your true self.

Making New Choices

Because this is a free-will universe, unless you consciously say to yourself that you want to heal this inner pain and let go of all your negativity, you will continue to carry this negative energetic influence into your next life until you choose to let it go.

Once you understand that you are carrying the vibrational statement of betrayal within your energy field, you are ready to let it go. If you choose not to do this type of healing work, the vibrational statement will still be present and I can rest assure that you will attract another situation similar to this one, until you consciously let it go.

You Akashic Record contain all the energy and vibrational statements that are now active in your energy field that you are still in vibrational alignment with and that create an energy block that prevents you from fully aligning with your soul’s purpose.

When you do Akashic Record work, you begin with an initial intention. As said earlier intentionality is what helps you navigate the fifth dimensionality of the Akashic Records.

You need to know what you want to create in your life with clear intention. The Akashic Record will reveal to you what energy blocks stand in your way and if you have created them in your current life or in a past life.

The energetic blocks you carry are obscuring your ability to see your soul’s divine gifts. When you create separation, you do not have full access to your inner guiding system and to your vital force, which supports your energy bodies and your physical health.

The greater the block, the deeper the separation between your ego and your soul!

The good news is that, if you are reading this article all the way to this point, a part of you is telling you that the time has come for you to face these blocks. I encourage you to listen to that voice. The feeling of freedom and liberation will literally change the course of your life. You will reconnect to your soul’s design and your path in life will be in greater alignment with your divine purpose. 

Many Blessings!

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