How Having An Attitude Of Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Having an attitude of gratitude means to be in a state of appreciation all the time. It is actually a very simple way of being because it only requires you to appreciate all the things you see in your life each and every day.

It is like going around and looking at the world through the eyes of your soul as see the goodness in everything.

Practice gratitude any time you have a chance.  This is the first step in manifesting abundance, prosperity, wealth and health in your life because when you focus on something you love and appreciate, you connect to its vibrational essence and by doing so you activate The Law Of Attraction, which by consequence will attract more things of the same vibrational quality.

Also, when you focus on what you love and appreciate, you will initiate a sequence of events that will lead you to increase your level of gratitude.

Gratitude Has Manifesting Power

Developing and having an attitude of gratitude means to develop the habit of appreciating everything around you. If you do so consistently, you will possess the missing key that opens the door to manifestation from the non-physical to the physical. Gratitude gives you the ability to manifest from the levels of your thoughts and emotions toward the physical.

Gratitude is the Key to unlock anything you want in life.

Without Gratitude Nothing Is Possible

Gratitude puts you in a state of Grace connecting you to your divine source, which you may call God. When you are in a state of love and appreciation you are in alignment with Who You Really Are. When you are in this state you are in the presence of everything that feels good.

By feeling in alignment with the source of the universe who created the things that you are grateful for, you become a co-creator and contribute to more grace.

You are a physical manifestation of this majestic spiritual being that decided to manifest into physical form in order to enjoy physical creation and to co-create with others souls here on earth to increase the beauty and the love of all human kind.

This is your job! This is the reason why you were born! Having an attitude of gratitude is your innate spiritual gift that your bring to the world.

10 Steps To develop An Attitude Of Gratitude

1. Focus on what you love each moment of your life.

2. Avoid complaining about which you do not like.

3. Create a list of things that you appreciate about yourself.

4. Talk only about positive things about yourself and others.

5.Never criticize yourself or others.

6. Do not allow negative thoughts and emotions to prevent you from having an attitude of gratitude.

7. Say I love you many times a day.

8. Feel the love and appreciation for everybody that you come into contact with each day.

9. Say thank you to as many people as possible each day.

10. Focus on what makes you feel good with deep gratitude.

Watch the following video on having an attitude of gratitude.

When gratitude is part of your life you will be prompted to practice it all the time. For example:

  1. Say grace before a meal for the food and the opportunity to take a break.
  2. Say thanks before getting into your car with the appreciation  that your vehicle is safe and in good working order.
  3. Appreciate the people in your life that make your life easier. Take the time to look them in the eye and say a heartfelt:"Thank you!"
  4. Bless the water that you drink knowing that water if the source of life on this planet.
  5. Bless the water everytime you use water to clean yourself, your clothes, your house, etc.
  6. Feel deep appreciation for all the things in your life that assist you in having your life experience.
  7. Say thank for your life every night before falling asleep and every morning wen you wake up.
  8. Appreciate the love you share with people in your life. Let them know you love them.
  9. Spend time in nature and send thank you vibes to the sky, animals, wind, plants, mountain, rivers, oceans, etc.
  10. Create a sacred space within your heart to say thank you to Yourself!

Continue practicing gratitude and your life will chance!


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