Thank you for giving me guidance and hope in my heart.

My wonderful family, my sisters and brothers and friends.

I am eternally grateful for all that I have.

My wonderful new love who has brought joy and abundance into my life.

Thank you!

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Joy & Love
by: Soulreconnect

Thank you for sharing!

Joy and Love are the most important forces in this universe and they together when felt by a truthful heart can literally create miracles.

Increasing joy in your love will also bring more love to be experienced and shared with all those in your live.

All the Best!

A Home for Kyle
by: Anonymous

I'm grateful for my children who have been and continue to be my greatest teachers.
My husband is a wonderful, loving support of our family.

I'm blessed to have knowledgeable kids who love and appreciate their health.

I see Kyle attracting the perfect home, the financing easily going through, and a place that brings him joy and prosperity. For this I am deeply grateful.

I'm thankful for my beautiful pets who love me always and forever.

I'm grateful for the beautiful place I live that is surrounded by nature. I have a lovely home that provides me shelter and peace.

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