Gratitude to the CREATOR

by Christa
(london, ON, Canada)

Wherever I am,I know YOU are there. Open my eyes to the bounty and great Beauty of my life.

Knowing your Divine Presence is all there IS, I give thanks and praise to the LOVING SPIRIT within all beings.

Let me fill my moments with grateful heartfelt thanks to the magnificence of my life and the LIGHT within me which connects me to YOU.

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Thank You For Sharing!
by: Soulreconnect

This is so beautiful!

Thank You Father
by: Brandi, Shreveport

Father God...Thank you for allowing me to forgive the people that I felt did harm to me in my life.

Really those were test for me to grow as a better person and teach other people during my journey. I no longer want to be know as the mean person that people think I am my heart was broken and know I'm slowly healing.

So thank you so much father in heaven for helping me realize my gifts and I'm going to embrace then. So now father I'm asking you again to forgive me mean spirit.

For I was not of proper training within my heart. So I was thanking you in advance for coming to guide me. I love you and need you to keep me on this path.

I want to be perfect harmony with the universe. So thanking you for allowing Brittany to enroll in school and get a car to keep her rolling while mom is getting her chemo treatment.

In Deepest Gratitude
by: Debra O.

Dear Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you for each and every blessing you rain down upon me, past, present, and future. Thank you for giving me the wisdom, love and light in my life that enable me to manifest my financial freedom, to be a blessing to others in ways that really matter and to open their eyes and hearts to their own power and freedom, but most of all to the power of your love. Thank you for your healing and protection, for your mercy and grace. May every person who has ever touched upon my life in any way, knowingly or unknowingly, be also blessed with a rich abundance of great health, wealth, success, beauty, love, joy, peace and happiness. In deepest love and gratitude, so it is. Amen.

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