Gratitude Prayer For Abundance

A gratitude prayer is simply expressing deep gratitude for all things that you have in your life. This will set into place, by The Law of Attraction, more abundance in your life. Remember, energy always follows intention: if you set your intention into gratitude and feeling appreciation, more things to be grateful for will manifest in your physical reality for you to experience them.

An abundant life is a life filled with experiences that make you whole!

Life is the manifestation into physical form of the wholeness that you already are at soul level. This is very important: you need to understand this concept before you can say your gratitude prayer.

If you ask from a place of lack believing that you are not whole and need something to make you whole, you will not manifest abundance, you will manifest a "grateful state of lack!"

Formulating A Gratitude Prayer

You can utilize a gratitude prayer already formulated like this one below or you can make your own. I recommend making your own and add important details about your life that you are really thankful for because your gratitude prayer will more powerfully activate the Law Of Attraction to bring you more things to be grateful for that match your current vibrational situation.

Remember to be creative and add your passion into this process. Simply listing a series of things that you are grateful about will not necessary work for everybody.

A prayer of gratitude has two components:

The gratitude portion," which is the act of giving thanks and the "praying portion," which is the act of asking for something. So, truly a gratitude prayer is formulated by saying thank you to God or the Universe for something you yet have not received in the physical, but know that your intension has created in the mental plane. It is simply asking in a state of gratitude.

In order to say this type of prayer one requires having a strong faith. Faith is what connects you to the infinite power of the Universe and its laws, including The Law Of Attraction.

A gratitude prayer deepens your faith. Faith is believing before seeing, it is loving before been loved, is giving before receiving, is acknowledging spirit before form. The key here is to utilize your sense of gratitude and appreciation for what you are asking in such a way that you become a vibrational match with the essence of what you are asking.

Every Gratitude prayer is a prayer of abundance, where you ask for more of what you are grateful of.

For example, if you are grateful for your health and desire greater health, you need to deeply feel healthy as you say your prayer, feel the energy of healing flowing through your body and bring you a state of wholiness in mind, body and spirit.

If you desire a better relationship with your spouse or your children, feel the love flowing through you and creating a strong bond between you and your spouse or children.

If you desire a better financial situation, feel the abundance of the universe flowing freely to you bringing you what you desire.

The following are prayers of gratitude, appreciation  and abundance from which you can draw inspiration to formulate your own prayer.

Gratitude Prayer To The Universe

  • I am thankful for all the beautiful things I am going to experience today.
  • Today, I choose to see beauty in everything and everybody wherever I look.
  • I am thankful for my Beauty!
  • Today, I choose to feel love in everything and for everybody wherever I look.
  • I am thankful for being Loved!
  • Today, I choose to receive peace in everything and everybody wherever I look.
  • I am thankful for my Peace!
  • Today, I choose to connect to abundance in everything and everybody wherever I look.
  • I am thankful for my Abundance!
  • Today, I choose to recognize health in everything and everybody wherever I look.
  • I am thankful for my Health!
  • Today, I choose to share money with everything and everybody wherever I go.
  • I am thankful for my Money!
  • Today, I choose to care for everything and everybody wherever I go.
  • I am thankful for being cared for!
  • Today, I choose to connect to spirit with everything and everybody wherever I look.
  • I am thankful for my Soul's divine gifts as they manifest through in my life.
  • As a go through my journey in this time-space reality, I see and experience the world through the eyes of my inner spirit.
  • As, I feed my body with whole foods each day, I give thanks for its nutritional benefits to my physical being.
  • As, I drink pure water to nourish my body each day, I give thanks for its restorative power to my physical body.
  • As, I breathe pure, fresh air, each day, I give thanks for its invigorating power to my physical body.
  • As, I rest each night, I give thanks for its revitalizing power to my physical body.
  • As, I think creative thoughts each day, I give thanks for their manifesting powers.
  • As, I feel positive emotions each day, I give thanks for their directive powers.
  • As, I take positive actions each day, I give thanks for their creative powers.
  • As I manifest my life through the power of my thoughts, emotions and actions, I give thanks to the eternal laws of this intelligent cosmos.

Gratitude Prayer To God

Dear God,

  • Thank you for having created me as such a powerful loving caring being.
  • Thank you for all the talents that you have given me.
  • Thank you for showing me how to use them.
  • Thank you for the people who you have chosen for me to share my life with.
  • Thank you for the obstacles you have placed on my path as they lead me in the right direction.
  • Thank you for the dreams that you have given me because I know they will become true.
  • Thank you for the hopes you have put in my heart because I know they will manifest.
  • Thank you for sending me to this planet whose beauty expresses the beauty of your spirit.
  • Thank you for sending me love because I can give it to others.
  • Thank you for sending me knowledge because I can share it with others.
  • Thank you God for all that I have, all that I have been and all that I will be.

Your Gratitude Prayer

I encourage you to formulate your personal gratitude prayer and then send it to God or the universe. It is very important to let it go, just simply allow it.

If you have a gratitude prayer or petition you want to send to God or The Universe, please use the form below. By submitting it online you manifest your petition in many different ways:

  1. You speed up your manifesting power.
  2. You inspire others to do the same. As you give, you shall also receive.
  3. You contribute to universal gratitude of this world by helping raise everybody' vibration to a state of grace.
  4. You initiate profound healing for yourself and those involved in your prayer or petition.
  5. You connect more intimately to the energy power of this universe
  6. You activate the Law Of Attraction.
  7. You find a deeper sense of peace.
  8. You increase you spiritual connection to the manifesting powers of your being.
  9. You create a deep sense of abundance for yourself and others.
  10. You join into a community of like-minded people and find support.

Submit your prayer of prosperity.

Many Blessings!

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