Make A Gratitude List and
Change Your Life

The first time I made a gratitude list I felt empowered. It is a strange feeling to describe, but I can tell you that it was as if finally someone was listening to me closely with love and compassion.

I felt an energy shift within my heart where I could see the potential of my life under an entire different light. I can also tell you with confidence that, what I was experiencing in that moment, was close to illumination. I began to focus more on the positive and less on the negative aspects of my life. As I began keeping a longer and longer gratitude list, I was finding more and more things to be grateful for.

A Gratitude List Creates Daily Miracles

I realize that new things were showing up in my daily experience as my state of gratitude was slowly increasing. For the first time in my life I realized that writing words on a piece of paper was very powerful, especially when you put all your emotional energy into it. You can truly manifest with intention what you write about.

Creating a gratitude list doesn't have to be hard. It is quite simply really and the benefits are limitless. What it can do for you depends on your level of intention while writing your gratitude list and the intensity of the emotions that stimulates. Remember you are suppose to feel deeply grateful!

I know many people who decide to write a gratitude list and say that nothing really happened to them as a result. The thing with them is that all they did was to list the things that they have in their life with the same spirit of writing a grocery list.

You can see how this is not going to bring you much change.

So, make sure to put your soul and heart into it and to keep focussing on the positive aspect of your life at all times.

If you do so, you will:
1. Increases your positive focus and motivation.
2. Release stress and hopelessness.
3. Increases your overall health and well being.
4. Increase your wealth and abundance.
5. Find out that you have a special talent to share with others.
6. Discover earning opportunities you did not see before.
7. Increase your creativity.
8. Be able to pay all your bills with ease.
9. Appreciate and love yourself more.
10. Realize that you have more love from friends and family than you thought.
11. Discover ways to be happy each day.
12. Release the need to spend money and purchase things you really do not need.
13. Align your physical self with your inner spiritual self to increase your manifesting powers.
14. Activate the powerful Law Of Attraction to bring you more things to be thankful for.

100 Things To Be Grateful For

The first time I was asked to write 100 things I was grateful for, I thought I could not do that, but I did! I am going to share with you my very first gratitude list, so that you can see how easy and how much fun it can be:

My Gratitude list

I am thankful for all these and more…:
1. My children and my husband.
2. My family and extended family.
3. My current friends and my future friends.
4. My neighbours and the people I meet regularly.
5. My home and the places that I have been and that I will be.
6. My country and the courtiers I have visited and those that I will be visiting.
7. The love I give and receive each day.
8. My body and my health.
9. My job and what I do every day that involves earning money.
10. My ability to share love with those around me.
11. My ability to communicate through writing to many people all over the world.
12. My ability to inspire and encourage others in manifesting abundance in their lives.
13. My abilities to care for my children's education.
14. My abilities to care for my environment.
15. My ability to cook and share my love for food.
16. My ability to share my knowledge in natural health and mind-body medicine.
17. My ability to learn and grow each day.
18. My city and the people that govern it so that we all have the services that we need to be a strong community.
19. My safety and a my sense of security everywhere I go.
20. My love for nature.
21. My ability to travel often.
22. My weight and my body's ability to stay fit.
23. The sea to which I feel most at peace.
24. The sun that makes my planet such an amazing place.
25. My solar system and my galaxy.
26. My clothes and my sense of fashion.
27. My love for art.
28. My organization skills.
29. My creativity and my ability to generate new ideas.
30. My growing income and satisfying job.
31. The snow that gives me a sense of loving peace.
32. The rain that brings hope.
33. The fruits and vegetables that taste great!
34. My memory and my ability to think wonderful thoughts.
35. My education and training present and future.
36. My desire to learn more each day.
37. The positive emotions I feel each day.
38. My restful night sleep.
39. My body's inner ability to heal and repair itself.
40. Chocolate!
41. Homeopathic medicine, herbs and vitamins that keep me healthy.
42. My inner strength.
43. Electricity and modern technology.
44. Finding things that I misplaced.
45. Sharing my kids' live experiences.
46. Being able to help people.
47. My physical and mental energy.
48. Fresh, clean drinking water.
49. Soothing music.
50. Yoga, meditation and relaxation.
51. Going to the theatre.
52. My favourite market.
53. Inspiring books.
54. My love for spirituality and personal development.
55. Painting and drawing.
56. Taking pictures.
57. Fresh, clean air.
58. My computer and internet.
59. Getting new things.
60. My van and car.
61. Interesting new opportunities.
62. My DVDs and my TV.
63. My incoming wealth.
64. Achieving my goals.
65. Getting along with everybody.
66. Cleaning my house.
67. My growing sense of inner peace.
68. All future possibilities.
69. Children laughing and playing.
70. People smiling at me.
71. My husband support and love.
72. My family unity.
73. Funny movies.
74. Ballet.
75. New projects.
76. Caring and sharing.
77. Playing music.
78. New born babies.
79. My questions and my desire to answer them.
80. My desire to deepen my knowledge.
81. My dreams and desires.
82. My faith.
83. The Law Of Attraction.
84. My new discoveries.
85. Doing arts and crafts with kids.
86. Walking in the country side.
87. The sky and the clouds.
88. Tall trees that produce oxygen.
89. Wild life, especially birds that come closer to my window.
90. My home appliances that make my job easier.
91. Luxury and expensive things to buy.
92. Taking planes and boats when travelling.
93. Going on vacation and family holidays.
94. Going out for the weekend and relax.
95. My favourite spa.
96. My credit cards and my ability to purchase what I love.
97. My inner self that truly loves me.
98. My guardian angel and the angelic healers that support me.
99. Spiritual beings that support all living creatures on this planet.
100. The creative power of the Universe that is in constant expansion.

Get Started With Your Gratitude List

As you can see, your gratitude list contains all the things you are grateful for, all the things you love and that make you happy, and ultimately all your goals and desires.

You can literally keep on going and find 100 more things to be grateful for.

Your gratitude list doesn't not have to be this long, but it should have at least 30-50 entries.

I encourage you to begin making your list now!

Once you have finished writing your gratitude list, you should focus on it often, perhaps on a daily bases. This stimulates your sense of gratitude and also allows you to add more things you are grateful for.

Your gratitude list can be separate from you gratitude journal or part of it. In your gratitude journal you should be writing more personal things, while your gratitude list is more about sending a big huge thank you to the Universe for all the beautiful things you have in your life!

I am sure you will have not problems finding 100 things to be grateful for!

Many Blessings!

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