Keep A Gratitude Journal To Manifest Abundance

Keeping a gratitude journal is the simplest most effective way I know to activate the manifesting process and begin to increase abundance in your life. Journal writing is a simple method that consists of writing down, each day a few words or sentences about your thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc. When you keep a gratitude journal you do not really need to be fancy, you simply need to be grateful!

Gratitude Journaling In 5 Easy Steps

Open your heart to the beauty of the world and began to write down all the things that make you happy. Anything that gives you a positive vibe, write it down.
This is the best way to begin your gratitude journal.

Step 1

Purchase a copybook or a really fancy journal. Make it as personal as you like. Make sure that this journal has a very positive vibration and that the very simple act of holding it in your hands makes you feel good.

Step 2

Bless your gratitude journal. This is very simple to do. Say the following gratitude prayer while envisioning a beam to white light shining on it:

"I call upon the while light energy of universe to bless this journal. May this journal serve me as a positive tool for inner growth and development to experience a life of greater prosperity. May this journal show me gratitude and appreciation on all the things now present in my life. May it guide me to more appreciation as my life expends and my awareness grows larger. Thank you!"

Step 3

Divide your journal into sections, one for each area of your life:

a. Body and health
b. Career and professional development
c. Family and relationships
d. Money and financial growth
e. Personal and spiritual growth
f. Travel and fun

Step 4

Each night before going to sleep, write down at least 5 things you are grateful for in each area of your life. You can also write things you love or love to do. When you do this you are adding appreciation for these things, which is a different way to express gratitude.

Every time you appreciate an object, a person, or a situation, you are expressing gratitude.

Step 5

Keep this process going. Ideally, you should add entries to your gratitude journal each day, but if you do not have time, you must do it at least once a week.

After a month of daily entries, go back and review your journal. This step is very important because it gives you a feeling of how much you have improved over just 30 days.

The Power Of Gratitude

The power of gratitude is within you waiting for your recognition. Once you do that and take the effort of writing it down, you activate the Law Of Attraction and soon what you appreciate will become part of your life experience even more.

Your life will be filled with wonderful things that will match your state of gratitude.
You will soon experience what many call Synchronicity, which is when things you write about in your gratitude journal will mysteriously and miraculously manifest in your reality.

The more often you add entries in your gratitude journal, the more amazing events will enter your life!

By keeping a gratitude journal you have just embarked on a universally unique adventure and unleashed the power that gives life to your dreams.

This power is the power of prosperity based on The Law Of Attraction: the more things you are grateful for, the more things to be grateful for will be drawn to you each and every day.

Manifesting Money & Abundance

Manifesting money and abundance is one of the easiest way once you begin to use this technique.  All you have to do is keep track of the money that comes in and the money that goes out and express appreciation for it. When you receive money, write it down in your journal and feel grateful for this.

If you spend money for something that makes you happy or something you are grateful for, write it down.

Even if you may not like your job so much, express deep gratitude every time your pay check comes in.  Think and feel about all the good things you can do with this money and send blessings to all the people you work with and made it possible for you to receive this sum.

When you give money, do the same.  I used to feel uneasy every time I had to pay my bills, until I begin to keep a gratitude journal about money. I realized that I was lucky that I could pay the bill in the first place.

I feel happy because I can paying the bill on time. I am very appreciative of the hydro company because they delivered that hydro to my house before I even pay them. 

I bless my gas company because they delivered my propane on time and my family was warm and cozy all winter long.  I am grateful for my internet connection, my e-mail and my phone because I can keep in close contact with the people I care for.

I realize that paying bills is not a negative thing after all, it is a blessing!

Paying bills for me is now a real act of deep gratitude and my relationship with money somehow has changed. I look at money as something sacred, holy and peaceful.

Money for me has over time acquired a more spiritual quality, I realize that it is embedded with the energy that symbolizes freedom and peace of mind.

Gratitude gives you freedom and makes you peaceful!

You will notice that after doing this for one or two months, each time you are going to pay a bill, you will be less stress and you will always have more money left in your account then the month before, until you will actually save money and paying bills is no longer a negative thing.

Manifesting A Better Job Using Gratitude

I know lots of people who desire a better job, but never sit down and write in details what they really want. Most of them just keep on complaining about this and that, but never make the effort to acknowledges what it is that they really want.

If you keep on complaining about what you do not want, The Law Of Attraction will bring you more things to complain about. It is that simple. This universe works like a big catalogue. Every time you think about something you are saying Yes! to that.

So, each time you complain about your job, you are says Yes! to your complaining experience. It sounds crazy but that's exactly how it works! You will experience what you give your attention to.

Keeping a gratitude journal helps you keep your mind away from complaining and focussed onto what you really want.

If you desire a more rewarding career or a better job, you need to begin by appreciate what you already have. In your gratitude journal write down a list of things you like about your job and new things you want to experience. Every time you experience something good, write it down and feel deep gratitude in your heart.

Instead of feeling jealousy every time someone in your office gets promoted, feel happy for him or her because by doing so, you are saying Yes! to be promoted yourself.

If someone gets a better project than yours be grateful for what you have, even if it is not what you want. Do your best in what you are doing. Next time you will be the one selected for a great project.

It is easy to be thankful  for good things, but it takes real skill to be thankful for things you do not have already. This is what those who succeed in life know how to do best.

What these people have that the rest don't is faith!

They believe that what they have asked for is on its way and begin to feel thankful before it comes to them. Gratitude increases your sense of faith and expectation for positive change.

If you chose to apply for a new job, make sure to write down exactly all the things you want to find in your new job. Before you send out your resume practice gratitude by writing in your gratitude journal each day. It will make a huge difference.

Start A Gratitude Journal With Your Kids

The best time to start a gratitude journal is when you are young. If you have kids encourage them to keep a gratitude journal, their life will be blessed with wonderful friends, opportunities and experiences from the beginning.

If they are not capable of writing yet, encourage them to draw a picture of what they want and what they like.

Happy Journaling!

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