Gratitude Healing

Gratitude healing can be accomplished through keeping a gratitude journal for health. Healing is an act of appreciation of the healing power your body possesses.
In our society we have been trained to believe that healing comes from outside sources, like drugs and surgery.

What most people do not know is that drugs and surgery, even if necessary in most cases, can only act as palliative.

How To Promote Healing By Gratitude Journaling

They create a temporary relief while the "real healing" occurs within the body.
Most of us are also accustom to over medication for conditions that unfortunately weaken the healing power of the body because of the side effects of drugs and their level of toxicity.

I always believe that a more natural approach to good health is the best way to prevent disease by leading a life style that includes drinking purified water, organic or drug-free foods and by avoiding processed foods, alcohol, cigarette smoking and most importantly stress.

Did you know that stress is called the "silent killer" as it accounts for increasing the development of many chronic conditions from cancer to cardiovascular disease, etc.
The only way to counteract stress is by living a happy life a life where you always feel good about most everything that you do and that you have. A life in gratitude!

Gratitude Healing & Journaling

Anyone should keep a gratitude journal about body and health. This, in my opinion is the best form of preventative medicine there is. I was convinced of this since when I came across Dr. Emoto amazing research on water crystals. He studied the effect of thoughts and emotions on water crystals. What he did was a very simple experiment that has puzzled scientists all around the globe.

He taped words onto bottles of water (distilled water) and after 24 hours he took photos of the crystal structures that resulted from the freezing of this water. Interesting enough each crystal was different and positive words like "Love" and "Thank you" resulted in very beautiful crystal formations, while non-purified water and negative words like "You make me sick, I will kill you" resulted in non-crystal formation.

If you consider that our bodies are made of 70% of water and that our body functions need water in order to perform effectively, you will agree with me when I say that if thoughts can affect the structuring of water, what can they do to our bodies overall can be of extreeme importance.

Take a look at this video as it explains Dr. Emoto's findings. Also take a good look at the Thank You! crystal and see how beautiful and perfectly symmetrically formed it is. Saying thank you does so much to your body, more than what you can actually imagine.

This fascinating information will encourage you to keep a gratitude journal about your body and your health, I am sure!

Be Nice To Your Body

It has been proven through clinical trials that meditation, positive affirmations and relaxation have the ability to decrease stress, cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

In my gratitude healing journal I write gratitude words about my body parts. I love my legs because they can support me and I thank them after a walk for taking me from here to there. I love my eyes as they allow me to see the beautiful thing the world has to offer. I love my ears because they allow me to hear the sweat voice of my husband and the laughter of my kids. I love my brain because it allows me to learn and grow each day. I love every little part of my body and I am grateful that I am alive and healthy.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and write down all the things you like about your body and all the things you are grateful for. The worst thing you can do is to criticise your body. Never, ever speak negatively about your body because The Law Of Attraction will bring you exactly that!

I can give you a very simple example that I hope will show you my point.
I know a number of people who are overweight and all they do all day is feel sad and concerned about their weight. They follow strict diets and loose the weight and then after a while they gain more wait once again. They keep doing everything in their power to lose weight but they can't until they give up and they begin to find excuses for why they cannot lose weight. They blame their genes, their parents, their lack of money, their lack of time, their lack of healthy food, etc.

They are doing everything, but the most important thing they need to do, they are not doing it. They are forgetting to attend to their thoughts and feelings.
You cannot heal yourself if you feel bad about your body. You cannot have what you want if all day you are focussing of what you do not want.
If you put yourself on a very strict diet you are hungry all day and all day you are going to remind yourself that the reason why you are on a diet it because you are fat, you cannot lose weight.

The problem here is that they are focussing on what they do not want, but The Law Of Attraction brings that exactly that! So they get more fat, more struggle, more lack of self-esteem, etc.

What those people should do is to become appreciative about their body.
This is not easy to do when all they see is someone they do not like to see. But if they do it, self-appreciation will lead to self-love and love will lead to self-healing.

They really have a broken heart and need to send positive loving energy to every area of their body in order to heal themselves from obesity.
They need to change their thoughts and the way they talk to themselves every day. They need to stop disapproving and start approving of themselves. This can be easily accomplished by keeping a gratitude healing journal and begin listing all the things they appreciate about their body.

How To Feel Grateful For Physical Healing

In a way it is easier to appreciative about your body when you are young and healthy, but as far as The Law Of Attraction is concerned it does not matter where your appreciative thought comes from. It can be from your past, from your imagination, or your present observation. This means that anyone who is not happy about the way the feel about their body or about their state of health can change all that by changing their thoughts. By doing so they initiate healing through gratitude.

To make your gratitude healing journal work for you and get you started on gratitude healing, answer to these question and write the answers in your journal.

1. What do I love the most about me and my body?
2. What do other people like about me and my body?
3. What parts of my body I am grateful for because they are functioning well and are healthy?
4. What healthy food do I love to eat?
5. What books do I like to read about keeping healthy and achieving wellness?
6. What exercise do I like to do that is good for me?
7. What foods am I gratefully happy to eliminate from my diet?
8. What thoughts and feelings about myself make me feel good?
9. How do I imagine myself as perfectly healthy?
10 How do I feel about myself when I am in a state of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being?

Gratitude Healing Prayer

The mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind closer to the source of the innate healing power of the body. Your body has an incredible ability to heal itself and to promote healing in miraculous ways. There is very little explanation about this phenomenon in the scientific world, but countless of cases have been reported all around the world of people who have healed themselves through the power of prayer. Prayer is another form of expressing gratitude. Prayer brings you closer to God and gratitude brings you closer to the creative energies of the Universe. This is based on the Law Of Gratitude.

The Law Of Gratitude

The Law Of Gratitude states that the grateful outreaching of the mind in thankful praise to the Supreme is a liberation or expenditure of energy. This energy is always goes outward and by this action and equal reaction is produced that reaches back to you with the same intensity in quality and content.

What this law tells you is that the energy that you give out as a form of gratitude to God or the IUniverse returns back to you under the same or similar frequency.
Your thoughts are frequency and a negative thought has a different frequency than a positive one. They frequency of thoughts is per se neither good or bad to you.
What makes it good or bad is the emotions that you associate with the thought.
The frequency associated with thoughts that evoke gratitude are always positive and life-giving in nature. This is why the power of gratitude can bring you healing.
This state of gratitude to be effective in promoting wellness has to be continuous. The moment that you let your mind dwell with dissatisfaction upon your life, you create a block to this flow of energy and you will lose ground. By keeping a gratitude journal you maintain the flow coming to you uninterrupted.

Anyone that can keep this up, can create gratitude healing miracles!

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