Gratitude for my life

by Elizabeth

Gratitude for My Life

Gratitude for My Life

Dear God & the Universe, I am very thankful for the life you have given me!
I am thankful for my Family, my Health, my Happiness and my Job!
I am thankful for having my job and hope to be respected and given more responsibilities. I pray that my boss will see how important I am to their business & that I am a very hard worker and loyal!
I am thankful for being able to pay my bills each month.

I am thankful for the love I have received and will in the future!

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Prayer of appreciation and gratitude
by: Lisa Diane, London

I appreciate and I am grateful for each and every day. I am thankful for everyone who is a part of my life. I appreciate and give thanks for my home and all that I have in it.

I pray that I always have the comfort of having my own home and pray for those that are seeking this blessing. I am thankful for the love that is God and pray that I continue to appreciate Gods presence in my life.

I am thankful for the bad times as well as the good as they always remind me that God is there. I am truly grateful for all my blessings in life.

by: Annah

*I am grateful for my resilient spirit
*I am grateful for my boundless joy
*I am grateful for all the universe teaches me
*I am grateful for health
*I live a life of abundance
*I am grateful for prosperity
*I am grateful for Love
*I am grateful for relationships and relations
*I am grateful for new beginnings every day
*I am grateful to be connected to the natural world
*I am grateful that all things work together for good
*I am grateful that the universe is unfolding as it should

My Prayer of Gratitude
by: Andrea

It is my prayer to live my life full of gratitude..

love and forgiveness and be pleasing in God's holy sight...


Andrea Moses Gilmore,
Tallahassee Florida

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