Grateful for God's patience and forgiveness.

by Sukima

Dear God

I am grateful to you for the chances that you gave me and continue to give me when I questioned your existence and motive in my life.

I am grateful for you allowing me to make mistakes and then see the errors of my ways.
I am grateful to you for forgiving me whenever I asked you to through prayer.

I am grateful for enlightenment of the mind and the ability to grow through words, expressions and life experiences.

I am grateful that one day the truth will set me free, and I will be able to live in peace and harmony among others and by myself.

I am grateful for my health, my senses, and my life.

I am grateful that every day you make it possible for me to wake up in the morning is another chance I have to get it right.

I am grateful for coming across blogs and posts such as this one that seems to always know what is on my mind even if I am suffering in silence.

I am grateful for those in my life that have a positive influence on me.

I am grateful for my ability to express myself through words, and able to write books about stories and events that plague my mind.

I am grateful for quiet days at home.

I am grateful for the power of meditation.

I am grateful for prayer.

I am grateful for being a positive influence to someone that I have not yet met.

I am grateful for tomorrow's. second, third, and one hundred chances.

I am grateful for LIFE and everything, and everything that life has to offer.

And I am grateful to those who are reading my post right now. Thank you

With Gratitude,


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