Grateful everyday, especially today.

by Mariko
(Sagamihara City, Japan)

Grateful everyday, especially today. Today is my New Day, that God is given me to be awaken again to Get Rich.

I am in a sales business as an associate, fear of rejection is stopping me to get what I want. I want to be Rich!! I created my mind and visualize the end results of getting Rich Me, but in between, I got discourage, because, being positive, the negative me inside, is telling me that I am a lier. Telling me that I cannot be rich in my life.

Studying the science of getting rich, watching motivational video, etc. get me energetic, but when I go out there to start selling what I got, my feet just stop at the door and do not go to work.

This situation happens and if I continue this attitude of being scared to go out there, then, my negative me inside manifest, in which I will not let it happen.

Thanks and I am so grateful, that I found this topic and now Me, the positive me, is so grateful that you have this topic in public, that anybody like me, can utilize and maintain the feeling of gratitude all the day.

I cannot thank you enough for doing so.
I am grateful everyday. ^0^

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Setting Good Positive Intention Is The Best Way To Start
by: Soulreconnect

Hi Mariko,

Congratulation on taking the first step of affirming to yourself that you are finally stepping into your abundance!

Letting go of limiting beliefs is very important.

You are a powerful being of love and light. You can create abundance in your life for yourself and other.

See a white light always protecting and surrounding you. Every time you feel a negative though coming up and interfering, just sent it to the light to be cleansed and transmuted.

Many Blessings!

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