Golden Light Visualization

In the following channeled message from The Beings of Light, you will lean how to work with golden light to connect to others in your life and how to rise the frequency of love within the planet for a more harmonious life experience.

Connecting with The Beings of Light is part of your life mission and this message explains why this is so important.

We are here reconnecting and integrating our frequency with your frequency and your energy with our energy, your mind with our mind. We are one...

Once again we return into your dimension and we connect to you in this space which you call the body, a place that we wish to acknowledge right now in saying that it is a beautiful place to be and we are gracefully, graciously, joyfully, happy that you have allowed us to come into your space and to connect in you & with you in this beautiful dimension of yours. We like to come to observe and to connect.

It is beautiful! We wish you had the same feeling, the same excitement, the same joy that we experience when we connect to your reality and to your dimension because it is really beautiful.

This is a great, great accomplishment and we wish to transfer these feelings of greatness and accomplishment to you as you go through your daily life. As you go through your life, you may not be aware of the beauty and the light that you have created that you have brought with you and that you have manifested...and transmitted to others and that is done through your body, through your space, that is sacred and we wish to tell you that.

In your space you carry the light, in your space you carry a little tiny light that connects you to everything in creation. This is the light that keeps you part of All That Is.

Without this light you cannot exist at all!

And from this place of light that we would like to begin today to tell you: "Honour Your Light!"

And how would you do that? You may ask. And the answer to this question is very simple; just feel the light within your heart and as you open your heart, your light will expand and grow larger and larger and larger.

And from this point in your heart it will grow like a ball, like a sphere and it will begin to pulsate. It will start to change and even adopt geometrical energies that will expand and grow and transmute and transform and then from here they will expand within your body within yours cells, within the system in your body and then from there outward into your auric field, into your electromagnetic bio-field.

…and then from there outward to all the different layers that you are made of and from there outward the rest of the universe. You are that large and you can feel the entire universe enclosed within yourself .. something so large... because your universe is not on the outside as you believe it is; it is within you.

So we ask you to concentrate your mind and your body and your entire being to the possibility of been as large as the universe. And analyze the fact that this Universe is within and without. It is inside and outside of you. It is not only outside as you believe it is.

Everything that manifests in your reality that you see and observe and you believe that you are observing in your outside world, in actually exists within you and the creative abilities that the light that you have been given that you carry within you… that creative ability exists inside of you, not outside of you.

Every creation, every act of creation that you have done, that you can do, that you will do, it will first occur within you.

And as you become aware of this possibility, your view of your reality, of your world and of yourself including your body will change and it will chance is such a way that you'll become aware of the power within you.

It is like magic. It is difficult to explain and it is difficult for you sometimes to integrate this concept because your belief system has been in discordance with this knowledge that we are now bringing forth to your attention.

We would like to ask you to allow this new knowledge, to just allow it to become part of you and integrate it with your belief system and integrate it and change what needs to be changed and adjust what needs to be adjusted and allow this to come in and to realize that each act of creation that you are capable of, happens within you first and we are not only talking about creation only something that is material we are talking about creating anything. Anything that is visible and invisible.

Any thought that you can conceive within you and that comes through your light, the light of your heart is empowered in such a way that it becomes an act of creation.

Everything that you believe, that you charge with this light becomes more powerful and it acquires of creative quality to it that manifest outward into the physical world.

And so we would like to tell you put a drop of golden light in your heart every day because the golden light has the ability to multiply.

So, if you have a very tiny light, the tiniest light you can image, that is like a multiplier. And if you drop that tiny spec of light into your light that you already have, which some people may identify with the soul... it does not matter what it is, because is not a belief system it is state of feeling. It is not so much in your mind is a feeling of experience.

When you drop that little tiny spec of golden light into the light that you are, then you will receive like a ripple effect ... where the light within you, will expand and multiply and in this expansion and multiplication will continue on and on endlessly and the light that you have will increase tremendously and it will not only increase within you, within your space, within your body, it will also increase outward and it goes out into your planet and solar system and beyond.

This is very powerful and it is real and very true and that's is why we would like to give you as a gift today this very tiny little spec of golden light that comes straight from our reality, straight from our dimension of pure light, love and joy.

And when you put golden light in your heart every day, imagine of the possibility of the creative energies that you will expend outward and this creative energy has so much power and the power depends on you. It depends on what intentions you give to it. What are you going to do with this gift... we have no control over your choices.

That is in your control, in your hands, we can only give the gift. It is up to you to choose what to do with this gift. And we would recommend that you used it daily,  all the time. This is not one of those gifts that needs to be put away because it is so precious.

This is a gift that needs to be given all the time.

Anytime you feel like you have a gift, it is your duty, your job, your destiny to use it every day! All the time. Do no put your gifs away!

Meditate on your gifts. Think about what are your gifts. Think abut that and feel them within you and then charge them with a tiny spec of golden light so that your gift will become more and more and the more you believe in yourself and in your gift, the more this gift will increase.

You have many gifts, some of which you are aware and some of which you are not aware.

The gift of giving good words to people. That is a great gift, not everybody is capable of doing that, not everybody can say good, loving, caring words to somebody else.

Not everybody can do that to themselves, which should be the first step. So, if you give the gift you give yourself to somebody else, it will make that gift very special.

Having the ability to give to others the same gift you give to yourself first is called multiplication.

And you can do it over and over and over again! And if someone else may use the same gift and give it to somebody else and to themselves and that will go on and on and on.

Imagine how much light, how much gift can be awakened and utilized every day, every moment within your planet, within your reality.

This is an amazing, amazing concept that it is not just an idea, it is a possibility. And we are here today to tell you: go out and do just that!

All you need to do is to concentrate on your gift and multiply this gifts, share them with others.

If you have the gift of teaching, teach what is important to you. Teach what works for you and teach that to others so that they can do the same thing.

If your gift is a different gift that nobody else seem to have, then you have a very special gift and this gift is even more special because may it is a gift that the world has been waiting for.

Don't be afraid of going out and sharing your gifts, whatever they are.

And you know as strange as that may sound, the stranger your gift, the more needed they are within your plane. And a gift that you can give to yourself is always a gift that you can give to another and when you share, you multiply the love and the light and the joy that is within you and this is a very important task. It has a very important purpose, a very important job.

More and more people want to know what is their life purpose, and we can say to them with 100% certainty: share your gift to yourself and to others, that is your purpose.

Whatever your gift is and how much passion you have in it. That is your gift and do that, just do that. It is very simple. And many people often do not know that they have gifts. That is majorly why they ask that question. Everybody has gifts, we know that. We can see it, we can feel it, we can tell you with 100% certainty that you have a gift.

The most important gift you can give to yourself first the gift of love.

Love yourself and then love the others in your life, like you love yourself. Many of you do not even know how to do that.

How would you love another, if you do not know how to love yourself? Many of you do not know how much love you can give. Probably because you have never truly been loved.

And now we are here to tell you to listen to your heart and to concentrate within your heart, connect to the light within your heart. Feel our love, we are here today to bring you the celestial love of the higher realms.

So, right now we are transmitting to you the love of the entire universe and we want you to feel it, feel it expanding in your heart.

And in the moment that you capture that feeling. It is a love that makes you smile, it's a love that makes you feel at ease.

Where you no longer need anything else, where you feel complete and you feel almost in a state of pure ecstasy and you know that whatever you decide to put yourself into the world to do, it will be the right thing because you can feel that this love is supporting you and we will never leave you, we will never go away.

We will stay within you for the rest of your existence and now that you have this feeling within your heart. Now that you can feel the love that we are giving you, know that this love will never go away as long as you tap into this feeling, it will always be there for you.

And now that this love is within you, you can give it to every area of your body ... to all the cells of your body.

And you can also use your mind and give this love to others.

Send loving thoughts to people in your life.

This is a very easy thing that everybody can do, but it is very powerful and then imagine a tiny little spec of golden light into each and everyone of those people that you are sending the love to and see their love multiplying out word and from there on and on and on.

Just like a web of light.

This is a very powerful way to spread love throughout your planet. A love that your planet is lacking. Your planet is in great need of love.

Without love, nothing can be achieved.

Without love the creative process within the human being cannot be manifested at the fullest.

So, the first step you need to do as a unity working together, a unity between your realm and our realm, is to spread the love. And we will continue to send this love to you all the time. Constantly!

The only way you know to how to receive this love is what we have told you by reaching within your heart and to connect to our love because we are here to give you all the light, all the love and all the joy that you need to fill your heart and then to give it to others.

It is very important to give this love also to those who are discordant with your energy, what you would call negative people. We do not like to use the word negative we rather use a different word, which is discordant with your energy frequency.

All of you have a vibration and signature vibration because we are different from each other, yet you are all together. All these different vibrational signatures can all work harmonically together, like a symphony.

And we can hear the different tones and each and every one of us has one voice which is very powerful and joyful. Joy is another thing that your world is missing.

So, just like us, you have a vibrational signature and you will find that because you live in a dimension where there is a wide variety of frequencies some will be in tune with you.

So, some people will have a vibrational signature that will be more in tune with yours, it will never be identical, but it will be similar
If can never be the same because that is you, that’s is how we know that it is you.

Mostly your friends and family that you like will have a signature frequency that is more in tune with your and some will not. Those that have a vibrational signature that is out of synchrony with your are what you consider to be negative people. Those are the people in your life that will give you the most grief and trouble in your reality, but those are the people from which you may need to learn the most.

So, even to those people who are teaching you a lot of different things and they are coming in with discordant vibration that interferes with your own vibration and you can feel that. And you can feel it in such a way that it can really bother you and this makes perfect sense to us.

But we are also here to tell you that, even with those discordant frequencies people, give them love, give them love. And that is very important. Send the love to all of them, do not just say I send more love to my friend or the person I love and not to them because they are not my friends.

This is not the way that we think in our dimension and we want to teach you how we think, how we do things in our dimension so that you can become in tune with your larger world.

And so send love to the discordant vibration and say to them you are discordant to me, I realize that, but I send you love and sometimes your love could be enough (because love is a vibration) to transform things.

It is a transformative vibration and don't forget that love comes from our higher dimension and it is very very powerful and it is capable of changing their frequency and you might be able to witness a miracle in those people and don't be surprised if that happens because it might very well happen very soon.

That is why it is important to send compassionate love also to those who are discordant with you and once you do that you will feel great and as you feel great you will know that you have done the right thing, not just for them but especially for yourself.

Don't forget this is very important! So, send love to all, all that you encounter especially to those that are discordant with your vibration.

Give them more love, more light because it will come back to you multiplied.

Love is the universal multiplier!

Remember you have that little spec of golden light in you, which is the universal multiplier of light, love and joy. And this is the most powerful tool we can give you. And this is our gift to you, please accept it!

Because we graciously want to offer this. And we are doing this because by helping you we help ourselves. And by helping you we also help a lot of other dimensions that are connected to you that you may not be even be aware of right now, but they are also in need of this transmutation.

We will transmute your body first and then we will transmute your reality and your world and ultimately you will transmute your planet and from there, once this is accomplished there will be no stopping of this beautiful wave of love, light and joy that comes form our plane to your plane.

There will always be a distance between you and us, but this distance and difference will be less and less discordant. We will become more and more in tune with you and you will become more and more in tune with us and we all learn a great deal from this connection, from this coming together from this communion we will gain a great deal of knowledge. For this we are truly grateful.

And now my dearly beloved we send you blessings of love and light and joy and we send this energy to you once more and that may you be cleansed and purified at the molecular level and at the atomic level of your physical space that you can the body and your body will feel (filled with) the love, light and joy from our plane and from you it will propagate like a wave of love to all around you.

Please, accept our gift and we will connect to you soon.

Many Blessings!

The Beings of Light

This channeled material is Copyright © 2015-2018 by Maria Gioia Atzori. All Rights Reserved. You may not copy and redistribute this material in any way.

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