Giving gratitude

by Ginger

Thank you for allowing me to give unconditional love to those around me.

Thank you for showing me that no matter what everything is possible.

Thank you for letting me have this body and to make a positive difference in our universe.

Thank you for my abundance, wisdom, strength, hope, faith, love, being humble.

As I'm blessed may also this universe be blessed and loved.

Make us one with the universe so I can let my spirit fly ..

Thank you creator God

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A Grateful Heart Creates Miracles
by: Soulreconnect

It is known that a grateful heart creates miracles because it emanates a specific frequency outward into the universe that is reciprocated by the same and more.

God as the creator of all has given us this ability, which allows us to become one with the universe and All that is.

It is in this unity that we find strength and support so that all the qualities we desire can be manifested into physical reality.

All the best!

Prayer for my husband come back and money abundance
by: Adena, Citrus Heights ca

I give gratitude my husband still comes and it is going to be permanent and he will be committed...i give gratitude for everything god has blessed us,with...good health for me my husband and our kids.i give thanks for god providing all the material things needed in order to survive and food and shelter.i thank god for all the beautiful people he created and all the beautiful,well as animals and oceans rivers lakes...i thank god for my job and giving me strength patience and faith daily.

Ear to the Earth, Eye to the Sky
by: KFive

Earth Grows....
Fire Glows...
Air Blows..
Water Flows...

Spirit Knows...

Wholeness & Balanced Vibrations

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