From My Heart To Yours

by Nicole Hubbard
(Ontario Canada)

My mind, my heart and my soul cannot thank you enough for the abundance you have blessed me with in my life.

The light you put in my heart and the streangth you give me each day to embrace and not fear the changes in my life that bring me closer to my dream life.

My son shines with good health, knowledge and the love you give him to be the best person he can be and the love you give my family.

Thank you.

I am so blessed and grateful that you chose now for me to shine for the next 50 years. I will do my best to let others know that help is within there reach and you can be there for them too.

You have given me so much and i feel your love inside in with the good health you have given me, the beautiful home for me to share love and joy with my family and amazing friends.

The luxury of being financially free and having enough money and success to provide and educate all in our lives and the ability to achieve and be the best at all the challenges that i attempt and succeed at.

I love my fame and thank you everyday.

I am grateful!

I would also love to thank you for my wonderful husband and kids that bless me and Max everyday with more love and kindness than we could ever imagine.

Thank you for my mama, my sister, jaxon and my dad. They are amazing and my love for you is in all that i am and do every day.

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Great Gratitude Prayer!
by: SoulReconnect

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful gratitude prayer.

May all your dreams come true and may you succeed in many abundant ways.

Many Blessings!

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