Why Forgiveness Makes You
More Abundant

Forgiveness has always been regarded as a very powerful tool. If you are holding any form of resentment in your heart toward a person, your heart is not free to give and receive love. Love is the currency of the universe.

The frequency of love is what fuels this universe in a positive way. Love is what makes you and the entire universe more abundant. When there is darkness, love is the force that tips the scale toward the light.

Love is also the currency of abundance. When you have a lot of love to give, you receive a lot of love. The Law of giving and receiving tells you that you always receive at the same level of frequency that you give.

If you are unforgiving in your heart, the frequency of love that you send out is not pure, it’s tainted with resentment. What you get back is more to be resentful for. 

Resentment is a negative emotion that when held inside creates an energy block within you, not in the person you hold resentment against.

Resentment makes you unwilling to forgive the person or situation who has offended or hurt you. It’s not easy to forgive when trauma, hurt and pain have caused you to suffer, but it is necessary if you want to heal yourself at the deepest level.

Blocks To Inner Freedom

If you are unable to forgive the other person, you are preventing yourself from achieving inner freedom. As long as you hold resentment in your heart you cannot feel whole.

There will always be a bit of darkness in you. This darkness will overshadow the light of your spirit, which will never be able to shine abundantly. It creates limitation and dims your inner light. Your inner light is directly linked to your potential in what you can achieve. How can you be fully abundant?

Forgiving those who have hurt you is a deep healing experience since it helps let go of that part of you that keeps you stuck in negativity. If you feel anger, blame, shame, and self-reproach, you have emotional blocks that limit your divine self-expression. 

Limitation & Self-Sabotage

These negative feelings are rooted in limitation that controls self-sabotage. When in place, they make you behave in such a way that creates more of the same effect. This is an unconscious form of self-sabotage. You don’t do this on purpose and you don’t even see yourself doing it, but you can rest assured that it creates negativity in your life.

Forgiveness removes the blocks that prevent you from accessing your true potential to love yourself and others fully. When the program of resentment is constantly running in the background of your mind, you lose very precious vital force energy. It’s like an energy drain that over time may even create physical weakness, stress, anxiety and more susceptibility to illness. 

Forgiveness makes you whole. Resentment is a warning, it guides your mind to what needs to be healed, but forgiveness gives you the power to heal your life. 

Understanding Negative Emotions

Please, do not view resentment as a negative emotion that needs to be avoided at all costs. Resentment is produced when a circumstance is not in your favor and it’s often a self-defense mechanism, telling you that something is out of alignment. If someone takes advantage of you, or wrongs you in any way, resentment is warning you that you have slipped into negativity and that you need to restore balance.

Most people feel resentment towards themselves for not standing up. It is common to feel that way. In fact, it is easier to forgive the person that has hurt you, but it’s harder to forgive yourself for allowing it. 

Understand that feeling negative emotions is “temporarily” a good thing, not something to avoid. You are not a bad person if you feel negative emotions. What creates an energy block is when the emotion is not properly released once it had done its job of alerting you that something is out of balance.

The problem comes in when the negative emotion is suppressed and not dealt with at the right time. By holding on to it, you prolong its effects on your life over time. 


When you hold on to resentment, you are punishing yourself for something that someone did to you and you are reliving that experience, over and over. 

Over time, you allow resentment to rule your state of mind and end up doing things and making choices based on that feeling. You also tend to associate with people and situations that support your belief.

So, when you look at your reality to see confirmation of what you believe to be true for you. You believe that the world is a limited place and there is not enough to go around.

You believe that only the ruthless succeed and that abundance is only for certain people. You complain about working hard, but not getting the results you desire. 

This is something that you do on a subconscious level, especially if you grew up in an environment that was not abundant to begin with. It’s very possible that you have trapped emotions from when you were a child and felt angry and resentful towards a situation or a person. You could also have absorbed negative emotions from people in your life by witnessing resentment, failure, hopelessness, worthlessness, jealously, blaming, bitterness, despair, etc. 

Releasing Negativity

Once negative emotions are experienced and not dealt with properly, they get trapped inside of you and continue to resonate at the same level of frequency. Ultimately, they cause you to attract more of the same.

If you find yourself in situation of lack and limitation that you don’t like and have not caused, you are unconsciously holding on to a negative emotion trapped inside of you. When this happens you are sabotaging your success and your ability to reach a higher level of abundance.

Anger, shame, blame, betrayal, failure, sadness, sorrow, are all negative energies that bring you out of balance emotionally to tell you that something in your life is not right, that you are going in the wrong direction, that your spirit is not happy. 

When your spirit is not fully expressed or it’s not moving in the direction of your life purpose, you will feel out of balance. You can choose to recreate balance by taking the road of forgiveness, or you can choose to stay in resentment and blame the situation for your failure. 

When you choose forgiveness, you choose a different frequency. The frequency of forgiveness is higher that resentment and has the ability to neutralize all the other discordant frequencies.

Forgives aligns you with the frequency of love and abundance. Blame, bitterness and resentment align you with lack and scarcity. 

Which one will you choose?


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