Financial Flow & Life Purpose

Financial Flow and Life Purpose

Financial Flow and Life Purpose

When you are struggling financially yet are walking your path of creativity and true purpose, what is there to learn?


Your financial flow is in alignment with the value you give yourself. If the money is not flowing and you feel in alignment with your life purpose, ask yourself: where in my life am I not valuing myself?

If this misalignment is not in your career, it will be found somewhere else in your life. This could be: self-care, health and well-being, relationships, romance, time and freedom, etc.

Often, the learning is about enjoying what you do and let go of the concerns regarding financial flow. The concern itself is the block you may be creating.

Often, trying too hard has to do with believing in yourself and valuing yourself completely.

When we try too hard we are sending out a vibrating that says: "I am not good enough, I have to try harder." Trying harder always puts you in disharmony with the outcome you are seeking.

There are also instances when the universe is testing you. Do you really want what you are asking? Sometimes the conscious mind says yes, but the Higher Self may have something more for you in store and what you think is your life purpose is indeed only an aspect of it, not the entire whole.

In this case the learning is a about thinking bigger and stretching yourselves to look at an even bigger picture.

This is pushing you to look deeper within yourself. Financial flows abundantly when you are completely in alignment with what you want without compromising anything about yourself. Your authentic-self is always showing up as the real you.

Many Blessings!

The Beings of Light
(Channeled by Maria Gioia Atzori)

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