Single Energy Clearing Session

This is a standard session used to work on any mental, emotional or physical issue you might be experiencing. It includes the release of 10-20 energetic imbalances and trapped emotions that are blocking you.

This session can be used to work on clearing abundance, relationships, or health blocks. 

This session is performed by proxy via distance with results sent via eMail afterwards. Once your session is complete, you will receive a written report (pdf) and an downloadable audio file (mp3) explaining your session.

Regular Price: $130

What Other People Have To Say...

"Right after my session, I felt so much better emotionally! I felt lighter and free. Thank you!" - Ale

"The information that I received from my session has brought much peace and inner joy to my heart, soul, and my mind. Maria has also helped me to release old patterns and behaviors that were keeping me feeling stuck and drained mentally, physically and emotionally. I highly recommend Maria’s services to anyone who is looking for energetic alignment and a deeper healing." - Nicole

"It has helped me reognize and begin to overcome self-defeating patterns, and push me further along my path of spiritual self-discovery. I am now more convinced that everyone in my life has a purpose even if they brought me pain. Now I know I can change that and live the life I choose." - Christine

 Angel Messages and Inspirations  

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