Energy Clearing Prayer

The following prayer is a very powerful way to ask God to support you in your journey of releasing negative emotions. You can say it as often as you want, but at least once a day before bed time.

 Heavenly Father,

I understand how my limiting beliefs and the negative emotions trapped in my body are contributing to my issues. I am ready to release them once and for all. I ask that your Divine Light and Love bring peace back to my heart, my mind and my body.

Let this Loving Light bring love and compassion to nourish every cell in my body. Heal all hurts and wounds that are showing up in my life as physical and emotional distress. Boost my immune system and allow my brain and heart messages to reach my body organs intact.

Please, clear with your powerful Light of forgiveness all negative energies and blocks that are preventing me from seeing the truth about myself.

Cleanse me from all spiritual toxins and destructive vibrations. I ask that these negative energies be released through the soles of my feet and dissolved into the earth to be transmuted into positive energy.

Recharge me with new life force energy and restore all functions and systems of my body, restoring me to perfect health. Repair any damaged areas in my body and my spirit. Reconnect my physical body and my spirit body to perfect alignment. Re-magnetize, re-vitalize and re-energize all facets of my body and consciousness.

Place spheres of Divine Love and protection energy around me. Place a circle of ultraviolet light and violet fire outside these spheres to cleanse and purify all negative energies, keeping me under your perfect protection.

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

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