Are Your An Empath?
Take The Energy Empath Test

Are you an empath? You can be an empath and not even know it! Take the empath test to find out.

An empath is a person that can sense and feel the emotional burden of others. Your empath sensitivity level is a real thing and it can be measure in people using this simple test. This test can help those who are highly empathic and feel energetically drained know their level of energy sensitiveness. The empath test is designed to help you better understand the dynamic of your emotional experiences in life.

If you feel you might be an empath, you probably are. Use this test to assess yourself.

Count how many of the following statements are true for you and read your empathic score at the end.

1. You look at someone in the eyes and you know what they are feeling or you know what their intentions are.

2. Within a few seconds of meeting someone you begin to receive information about their emotional state, like an emotional or mental download.

3. You seem to know things about others they do not know about themselves.

4. You can sense an energetic shift at the level of your emotional body when talking to certain people.

5. You can sense a strong desire to flee from certain type of situations, environments, and people.

6. You are often the person everybody goes to with their problems.

7. You enjoy helping others, but you also resent the fact that you feel drained afterword.

8. Perfect strangers seem to talk to you and tell you private information as if they have known you all their life.

9. People often ask you if you are psychic or sensitive.

10. You often feel the need to put your hands on your heart as a form of protection.

11. You often need to protect your abdomen and tend to hug a pillow or your purse when talking to certain people.

12. You habitually are victim of emotional dump from friends and family. You have many absorbed trapped emotions.

13. You have the tendency of eating comfort foods when you feel down.

14. You may tend to gain weight, even if you eat a good diet.

15. You may have feeling sensations at the level of your sternum or chest.This may feel like fluttering feeling or a pulling sensation.

16. You may feel like something is wrong with your physical heart, but all your tests are normal (this is a sign of Heart Wall).

17. You suffer from gastric and intestinal issues, like irritable bowel syndrome, systemic Candida, bloating, etc.

18. You suffer from adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue.

19. Your iron reserves are low and you have crashing fatigue.

20. You have frequent headaches that go away when you are in solitude.

21. You are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

22. When you are stressed you tend to seek solitude.

23. You avoid engaging with people when under stress.

24. As a child or even as an adult, you have been told many times: “You are too sensitive!”

25. You can sense negativity and may develop depression or paranoia. You can sense or feel ghosts or entities in certain locations.

26. You are an animal lover and feel better in their company than in the company of certain humans.

27. You love nature and you feel re-energized by spending time alone in nature.

28. You love water and need to be near clear water. You do not like murky or unclean bodies of water.

29. You are drawn to the light and the darkness or dark places make you fee uncomfortable.

30. You are deeply affected by violence.

31. You avoid watching the news.

32. You cannot bear violence in any form.

33. You cry easily and crying makes you feel better.

34. You are able to feel the physical pains of others in your body.

35. You are overwhelmed by large crowds.

36. You avoid busy malls or grocery stores.

37. You feel restless at full moon.

38. You have had spiritual experiences since childhood.

39. You have very vivid dreams that wake you up feeling they were more real than your current state of reality.

40. You often wake up feeling paralyzed or shaking or trembling after a traumatic dream experience.

41. You feel emotionally fine and all of a sudden you feel restless or irritated or even angry, only to learn that a friend or a relative had a very traumatic experience.

42. You may have relationships of co-dependency with a very narcissistic person.

43. You are drawn to spirituality and the spiritual realms.

44. You are psychic and highly intuitive.

45. You always get a gut feeling that turns out to be correct.

46. You feel irritable in places where there are lots of people or a lot of electronical equipment.

47. You tend to act like people you are around.

48. You always try to say what people want to hear to please them and to be liked, but your authentic self remains hidden inside.

49. You are negatively affected the mood of people close to you. You pick up on their mood, thoughts, emotions and feelings.

50. You often have foreboding feelings of impending doom, even if things are all right in your life. Only to discover later that something happened to people around the world.

51. You tend to have unknown fears, which logically have no explanation.

52. If you are concerned about somebody, you cannot stay focused.

53. You need to be by yourself often during the day to think and decompress. If you don’t, you get really stressed out.

54. You have dreams about other people and don’t understanding why.

55. You often get caught up thinking about other people's problems.

56. You manifest negative emotions and fears really fast, if you dwell on them long enough.

57. You have a very sensitive nervous system.

58. You have food sensitivities and allergies.

59. You have been diagnosed with psychosomatic illnesses.

60. You have low energies and by the time you go to sleep you are exhausted.

Your Energy Empath Score

0-20: You have a very low Energy Empath Score, which is telling you that you are not aware of your feelings. You may have supressed your emotional side and are afraid to feel your true self. You may have been taught to turn off your feelings when growing up in order to comply or to fit in. You may desire to develop your intuition, but are unable to do so. You have many trapped emotions due to past trauma with no conscious awareness or no memory of them.

20-30: Your level of intuitive abilities is just below the surface of your awareness. You are capable of managing your emotions, but you are not fully in touch with your feelings. You have gut feelings that guide you in life, but you often are confused and get conflict impressions. You know that emotionally you are compromised and don't know how to gain inner balance.

30-40: You are highly sensitive and empathic. You use your intuition often and feel good about your abilities, but get overwhelmed by other people’s thoughts, emotions and behaviors. You have a very hard time knowing which feelings and thoughts come from you and which come from others. Your emotions run your life and you feel constantly up and down. You know that you have trapped emotions. If you go back and look at your past, you can identify traumatic events that have defined your life and personality.

40-60: You are a natural empath and your energy field is very open to the energies of others. Your Energy Empath Score is really high. This may cause you to feel overly exhausted and overwhelmed. It is very important for you to spend time and effort in working on clearing your energy field frequently during the day. Learning how to keep your energy clean from other people will be very beneficial for your well-being. You are constantly bombarded by people’s emotional ups and downs. You are most likely a channel of healing energy, a medium and a highly sensitive person. 

Life As An Empath

If you scored high on the empath test, you are highly empathic. What does this really mean to you? It means that, as an empath, you experience your reality through your body's feeling and deep seated emotions. You are very compassionate and desire to help those around you. You always over-deliver and are a magnet for people who take advantage of your kindness.

Because you are sensitive to the emotional upset of those in your environment, you tend to avoid crowded places and feel like the world out there does not welcome you in any way. You probably feel like an energy sponge and tend to absorb negative emotions from people you love. 

Emotion-Body Connection

As an empath you hold your negative feelings in your body. You might have conditions or disease that have not real medical diagnosis or for which conventional medicine has not treatment or where the treatment is worse the the condition itself. 

You have also tried all kinds of energy and alternative healing modality that work for a while and then stop working for you.

Your emotional symptoms are now moving into your body becoming chronic. You may have chronic pain, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, IBS, GERD, insomnia, allergies, food intollerance, hormonal imblances, unexplained infertility, etc.

Do you feel like there is more to your life, but cannot go out and get it?

If so, you have reached the awareness stage in your spiritual development as an Empath. You can change the way negative energies affect you. You do not need to avoid life because of your sensitivity. It is time to break free from your negative emotions that are surrounding your heart and and keep you stuck.

Unpack Your Emotional Baggage to Help Your Body Heal

The only way for your body to heal is to let go of your emotional baggage and clear the negative energy that surrounds your heart ( Heart Wall). In order to keep the negativity out of your life, you put yourself in a prison. 

If you are an empath, you do most likely have a Heart Wall made of negative trapped emotions.  The Heart Wall is not only a problem for those who are empathic, it is a problem with everybody (no matter how you scored on the test, you probably have a heart wall). The difference is that empaths create very large and complex Heart Walls with many trapped emotions, most of which are absorbed by other people. They may also have a secret Heart Wall as they subconsciously secretly feel like they need to protect themselves form negativity.

The good news is that these negative trapped emotions can be released and your Heart Wall removed. You can restore emotional balance and physical heath once again.


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