Emotional Block Reading

Do you want to know what's blocking you?

The emotional block reading allows you to quickly understand the source of your emotional imbalance regarding your current issue.

This reading looks at your energy and soul level causes.

It will provide you with useful information you can utilize during you self-healing and meditation journey.

Each Reading  consists of the following:

  • Part 1: Description of the spiritual energy block at the root cause of your current situation
  • Part 2: Which chakra is out of balance and need rebalancing
  • Part 3: Which emotion is creating disharmony that needs to be released
  • Part 4: Timeframe for this emotional block
  • Part 5: Your Self Healing Affirmation

This reading is based on the emotion/body code system.

Note: This is a spiritual energy reading, and it is not meant to diagnose any physical or mental condition. If you have a medical issue consult your doctor.

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