The Effects Of The Chakras
On Your Emotions

Are Your Chakras In Balance?

The effects of the chakras on your emotions can be many bacause your charades govern many aspects of your life:

  1. Mentally
  2. Emotionally
  3. Physically
  4. Spiritually

The chakras are energy wheels through which vital force flows continuously to keep you alive, balanced and well. 

Each chakra represents an aspect of consciousness, and they are the etheric motor of your Soul. Together they form an energy system that provides the framework for your life experience. It is through this energy system that you learn about the reality around you.

The chakras bring in energy and radiate an energy of vibration that governs over major organs or glands and is connected to other body parts that resonate at the same frequency. Once a chakra is out of synchrony it may eventually affect the organs and glands it is associated with.

The Chakra System: How 

1st Chakra (Root Chakra): Survival, security and feeling socially connected and supported. An imbalance in the 1st chakra may cause you to feel ungrounded and unsupported. You often worry about safety or having your primary needs met. 

  • Spiritually: Security
  • Mentally: Stability
  • Emotional: Sensuality
  • Physical: Sexuality

2nd Chakra (Sacral Chakra): Physical creation and manifestation of desires and appetites. An imbalance in this chakra can manifest itself as reproductive issues, inability to manifest and create on a physical level.

  • Spiritually: Enthusiasm
  • Mentally: Creativity
  • Emotionally: Joy
  • Physically: Reproduction

3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Power and will to manifest your goals in life. If this chakra is out of balance, you may feel unmotivated, stuck and unable to move forward in life.

  • Spiritually: Growth
  • Mentally: Personal Power
  • Emotionally: Expansiveness
  • Physically: Digestion

4th Chakra (Heart Chakra): Self-love and loving relationships. This is the love chakra and when out of balance you may experience depression, lack of self-love and by extension poor relationships with others. Unable to say no and doing too much for others and not enough for yourself.

  • Spiritually: Devotion
  • Mentally: Passion
  • Emotionally: Unconditional Love
  • Physically: Heart and Circulation

5th Chakra (Throat Chakra): Self-expression and communicating your truth and speaking up for yourself. When out of balance in this chakra, you may have difficulty communicating, and your words and actions may be not understood by others. You may either talk too much or not enough.

  • Spiritually: Authentic Self-expression
  • Mentally: Speaking Your Truth
  • Emotionally: Independence
  • Physically: Communication

6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra): Using your intuitional and looking into the future with confidence. When this chakra is not in alignment, your intuition about situations is off, and you are not able to access your intuitive source when making decisions. You may also be unfocused and lack clarity about your life and future.

  • Spiritually: Perception
  • Mentally: Wisdom
  • Emotionally: Intuition
  • Physically: Light Absorption

7th Chakra (Crown Chakra): Empowerment and wisdom. When out of balance in the seventh chakra you will feel as if you have no choices, or you are constantly changing your mind because you are over thinking.

  • Spiritually: Connecting To The Divine
  • Mentally: Unity
  • Emotionally: Beingness 
  • Physically: Meditation

8th Chakra (Spiritual Chakra): Experiencing Divine love and compassion and knowing how the universal laws work. The eight chakra the first spiritual chakra. When out of balance you may feel the desire to always accessing the spiritual realms with the risk of not enjoying your physical human experience.

  • Spiritually: Higher Self Point
  • Mentally: Universal Knowing 
  • Emotionally: Universal Love
  • Physically: Divine Healing

How Emotions Affect The Chakras

At the level of each chakra, life force energy is received, collected, assimilated and expressed. You use your chakras on a daily basis without even knowing.

You record every thought and feeling you experience within your chakras. In doing so, if the thoughts and feeling you experience are vibrating in a negative pattern, the chakras may become overactive or underactive.

As you move forward in life, your thoughts and feeling need to be reprogrammed and readjusted to give space for growth, health and prosperity.

If you are stuck in old ideas, your chakras will continue to vibrate to this old though pattern until you consciously pay attention and release it.

Your chakras can become imbalanced due to trapped emotions. By clearing your trapped emotions, you will support your chakra balamce.

Here is an example on how a chakra can get out of balance based on you having a limiting belief:

While working with a client who was having difficulty feeling part of the team at work, I discovered that there was a limiting belief of: "I am unwanted", related to the limiting belief: "I am afraid I will always be taken advantage of", related to a trapped emotion of defensiveness at age 22. 

Once the trapped emotion was released, the limiting beliefs were also released form his subconscious programming and the root chakra was back into balance.

Within a few weeks this client emailed me to let me know that his work interactions improved dramatically and that he felt included and welcomed by his colleagues. 

Many Blessings!


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