Dream Manifesto Quantum Method

Dream Manifesto Wizard is an easy way to re-write your brain and program your subconscious mind for long lasting success. It is possible to increase your manifesting power with Dream Manifesto Wizard.

What if you could manifest your goal in the next 90 day?

Use the power of neuro and quantum science to imprint your subconscious mind and put it on autopilot with your personal success formula in less than 30 minutes a day. Using the Dream manifesto Method allows you to:

1. Set a daily routine for creating abundance and prosperity.
2. Increase focus to target your goals.
3. Increase your imagination, creativity and intuition.
4. Feel in control of your future and your life events.
5. Become passionate about what you do and your life.
6. Re-wire your brain to make your success a reality.
7. Develop a positive attitude towards your life in order to overcome adversities.
8. Connect to your consciousness and find your true power.
9. Create authentic relationships that enrich your life.
10. Make powerful life decisions using your intuition with confidence.

Why Dream Manifesto

I use Dream Manifesto software to set my intentions, goals and targets on things I need to work on. With Dream Manifesto I can record my own voice and choose my own pictures to set up my affirmations and intentions. I also schedule my Dream Manifesto wizard to come up on my computer every hour or so as a reminder that it's time to manifest my goals and dreams.

I have used many different manifesting techniques and I still look for new ones all the time, but Dream Manifesto is the one I keep coming back over and over because it is so easy to use.

I have been able to set many goals that I have manifested in as little as a couple of months. There is nothing magical about Dream Manifesto, but it has the ability to help you develop consistency.

In any manifesting effort, consistency is key!

Positive change are not always easy to make. So effort and consistency is important. Without consistency, your intention or goal looses energy and focus.

I have manifested greater abundance in many areas of my life simply by setting my goals and focussing on them and working on them each day using this technology. I have also manifested increased amount of money and manifested a more rewarding career.  I now have a life that I am happy about because I am passionate about what I do and because I am grateful for all that I am and all that that I have.

Dream Manifesto has also showed me that by believing in myself and in my own spiritual powers, I can really achieve anything I truly desire and that anything is possible to me when I work toward achieving my goals consistently every day.

When I first started, I had no idea where to begin manifesting what I wanted, but as I kept working with Dream Manifesto, things began to change in very subtle ways. New possibilities and new ideas simply presented themselves, without me specifically looking for them. I realize now that I had simply vibrationally aligned to them.

Dream Manifesto is like my personal motivational consultant!

If you believe in something so much, you will be shown the way. The universal powers based on the Law of Attraction will bring you closer and closer to your target as you keep working and focussing on it.

I had no idea my life could become so full of interesting people and interesting things! Think about all the possibilities your life can give you. They are within your reach once you begin foucssing on them. The more you focus, the closer they get.

I have used Dream Mnifesto in so many creative ways, even to improve my parenting skills and to help my kids get along with each other. They love saying their own affirmations and record their own voice.

The possibilities are numerous, it is up to you to find the way to be successful in your own unique way. Remember, your life is unique, you are unique and most importantly the human mind is the most powerful force in the world!

It is Easy To Us And Fun

Dream Manifesto allows you to select affirmations from build-in templates or record yourself saying your own affirmations if you like. I really like this option because I can make my intentions as specific and detailed as I want based on my personal life.

One of the key rules of manifesting is to be as specific as possible. Dream manifesto Wizard allows you to do this by selecting template images or uploading your own. You can be as creative as you want!

Manifesting Power On The Go

You can export your affirmations and intentions to your iPod or iPhone and taken them with you when away from your computer, while travelling or while relaxing at the park or at the beach.

How It Works

This type of technology is based on quantum physics and it is quite effective. By focussing on your affirmations, you are bombarding your brain with positive subliminal messages containing positive intentions on what you want to manifest.

Everything in the Universe is energy vibration. What you experience in the physical universe exists in an sea of infinite possibilities and comes into existence when your mind gives it form through the thinking process. Thus, your thoughts can shape your world and the next life events you will be experiencing. Every intention you make sets energy into motion. Whether you are conscious of it or not.

Become Conscious! If you do, your power of manifesting grows and develops.

With Dream Manifesto you make this process consciously greately increasing your success. It is a very simple formula:

1. Set you Intentions or affirmation about what you want to achieve clearly.
2. Give it attention through images, sound, voice, and emotions though regular visualization practice.
3. Take guided action by following your inner guidance and intuition.
4. Watch your manifestation process unfold. Be grateful and have fun!

What To Expect

The Dream Manifestation Wizard creates an exact blueprint in your subconscious mind of what you want to manifest. Your subconscious mind will immediately start to work on turning your dream into reality.

These are the features of Dream Manifesto that make it such a successful manifesting tool:

1. Chose from over 550 built-in templates of manifesting affirmations and intentions.
2. Personalize your manifesting process with your own pictures.
3. Energize your manifesting technique using your own voice.
4. Create unlimited goals and dreams over your life time.
5. Use the integrated coaching sessions for instant success.
6. Be motivated by the automatic goal and life dream reminder.
7. Create manifesting sessions for your iPod or iPhone and use it on the go.
8. Work on manifesting health, prosperity, money, career, weight loss, creativity, relationships, and much more.

To learn more about how this works, visit the Dream Manifesto Wizard features page.

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