Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

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Take a deep breathe in and out.

Relax and let of go all your worries right now.

Focus on this moment.

You are a divine being having a human experience in this physical reality. Allow your divine gifts to manifest each day. Are you aware of your divine gifts? Take a few minutes to go deeper and ask your Spirit Guides to tell you or show your divine qualities.

This information may come to you as a feeling, or as an image or as a word or thought.

Look at your gratitude list and find out how many things you are grateful for that involve things you love and do well in life. These are your Soul gifts!

Do you use your gifts every day?

Meditate on your spiritual qualities.

This is a short list on what your spiritual gifts may be. As you read this list, pay attention to which one most resonates with you. Write them down!

Listen, love, balance, abundance, generosity, harmony, patience, independence, creativity, wisdom, intuition, truth, spirituality, happiness, compassion, honesty, healing, trust, success, determination, unity.

Your spiritual gifts are your tools for creating your life experience. It is very important for you to learn more about them and it is even more important for you to learn how to use them.

You are here to express these gifts and your Spirit Guides are here to help you find out which spiritual qualities you innately have and how to use them. So, practice a few minutes of meditation right now to tune into your gifts.

Many Blessings!

 Angel Messages and Inspirations  

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