5 Simple Steps To Design Your Life Vision

Creating by design is an art and it requires effort. You don’t magically manifest your new life vision simply by through meditation, visualization and affirmations. These tools are great as long as they are set in place to support your inner vision, after you have crafted your life vision properly.

What's Your Life Vision?

Your life vision is the image of yourself living the life you love living, what you might call your dream life. So, do you have a vision of yourself that is living this magical life? If you don’t, it’s time to create one by design.

I believe that everyone who is alive right now on this planet needs to have a life vision. Just like you have a favorite song or a favorite food, you must have a life vision! I will show you how. It’s going to be fun!

Benefits of Having a Clear Life Vision

If you don’t have a life vision you are missing out on your life’s potential. Without a life vision you are like a boat without a compass, you will be running around in circles until you get one!

Unfortunately, it’s not sold in stores and no, there is no app for life visions. Even if I can guess that someone will make one up pretty soon. Until then, here is how you make yours:

Step #1 Embrace The Positive

Write a list of your qualities and aspects of your personality, your life experience and yourself that you really like and are proud of. Write down your strengths that make you who you are that you have developed over the years of your life and that define you as a great human being.

Step # 2 Observe The Negative

Write down the aspects of your personality you don’t like about yourself. Write down any behaviour from your past that still makes you feel uneasy about yourself.

Write down all your mental, emotional, and physical weaknesses. This part can be hard because there are things about yourself, you may not be willing to acknowledge right now, but go ahead and do it anyway, without judgement of course.

I can tell you that it will be hard for you because your Ego mind will try to telly that this is all nonsense and that you have more important things to do today. Don’t give in to these thoughts, keep going and write everything down as if you were an observer of your life. 

Step #3 Transformation & Integration

Now, go over list #2 and choose what aspects of your personality and your life you would like to change and improve.

Go over your list and ask yourself this question: “I know that this is an aspect of myself I don’t necessary like, but can I change this to create a better version of myself and draw wisdom from this aspect or/and experience?”

Now, write down all the things you are ready to transmute from the negative to the positive aspects of yourself and your life.

Step #4 Draw From Your Inspiration

Using your imagination and the inspiration coming from your inner guiding system (your Spirit Guides and Higher Self), add more things to your visions that you would like to experience or have in your life that are brand new.

Step #5 Deeper Integration

Integrate List #1, #3 and List #4 to create the “now design” of your life. This is your life vision, that one you want to create. 

Manifesting Your Life Vision

Once you are clear about the dream life you would live to live, you need to take action in the direction of this dream. Once the vision is clear enough in your mind, you need to get going.

Take advantage of this moment of inspiration to get started. As you take action, the results that you create will be valuable feedback and will provide the guidance you need to move forward. You will be constantly revising your life vision as more information from the results of your actions comes back to you.

So, don’t worry about making it perfect before you begin because that’s not how it works. 

All you have to have before you get going is a clear enough vision to get started. If people, who are successful waited for the perfect vision to come to them they would never start. Don’t allow hesitation to hold you back. 

1. Do what you can today from where you are

2. Look for ways to improve your skills

3. Look for places where you can meet people that can provide guidance

4. Talk to people who can really be supportive about your dream

5. Protect your dream from those who are negative

6. Learn how to connect with your Spirit Guides to gain support

7. Allow your inner vision to tell you what comes next

8. Take courses with experts that can help you achieve your dream

9. Get support and stay on course

10. Be willing to make changes when needed

Do Not Give Up 

I know that in the beginning it all seems fun and exciting, but when you don’t create what you want right away, you will lose interest and you will go back to what you were doing before you got on the life vision band wagon.

Please, do yourself and your life a favor, don’t allow this to happen! Stick to your life vision and keep your dream alive. It’s easier to give up than to keep going. When things get rough you know you are getting somewhere and it can be scary because it’s time to embody your vision.

It’s easier to enter the realm of imagination and dream about your life vision than to BE your life vision.

Now it’s the time to use the spiritual tools of meditation, affirmation and visualization. You use these tools to support your life vision and stay focussed on it. 

Let’s talk a little bit about how you can you these tools to help you.


For 10 minutes a day, enter a deep state of relaxation and meditate on your next step. Don’t focus on the entire picture, just ask your Spirit Guides to show you your next step. 


Write affirmations that help you self-affirm yourself doing your life vision. Read your affirmations preferably out loud to yourself every day.


This can be done alone or in conjunction with meditation and affirmations. See yourself be, do and have what you want as if your life vision was happening now. You can “play pretend”, just like when you were a child and literally pretend to be, do and have what you want. You can do this for 10 minutes every day.  

You can pretend that you are talking to a friend and you are telling this friend what you are doing and how you got there and how much you like your new life, etc.


These tools are so simple and they only work if you are consistent. So, it has to be 10 minutes a day for 30 days, not 10 minutes today and then may be 10 minutes next month. This will not work.

Believe it or not, people do not do it! In my mentoring and coaching I often work with people who admit to this. The reason is not because they don’t care about reaching their goal; the reason is because they don’t see how something so simple can actually make such a favorable impact on their life.

I do get it and I do understand when people say that they often forget or don’t have time. But guess what? That’s pure and simple self-sabotage! It’s the conscious mind interfering with your desire for change. So, don’t buy into it and treat this as the most important thing you can do for your life! As if your life depended on it. Because it’s true, your life vision depends on it. It is called a “Life Vision” because you have to keep envisioning it! 

Asking For Help

We all get stuck in life. If we don’t, we are not doing things right. In everybody’s life journey, it comes a time when help and support is needed. If you are feeling stuck and you have done everything you can think off but don’t see real tangible results in your life, you may be facing a real energy block that can be dealt with.

Energy blocks don’t show up to create havoc in our life, they show up to help our soul’s free itself from them and give you the opportunity to move forward in life and align with your soul’s purpose. Having an energy block is a sign you are moving in the right direction and that you are finally ready to let go of old conditioning and limitation. Unfortunately most people think that there is something wrong with them or that they have chosen the wrong life vision or that they need to change something in them or their life. 

Energy blocks often come from childhood programming or a negative trapped negative emotions. When a life block is present, you cannot see clearly and cannot understand why your life events happened they way they do. 


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