Definition Of Prosperity

A common definition of prosperity can be formulated as the state of being abundant, of gaining anything good and desirable. Prosperity also means to advance in life and to become successful in any business. This definition of prosperity is very similar to what you may read in any dictionary.

A Deeper Definition Of Prosperity

My definition of prosperity is similar to this one, but with a twist. Prosperity to me is the ability to attain what my soul truly desires and that is good for the betterment of my human experience. As you can see, this definition of prosperity is not necessarily receiving financial prosperity and material positions only, is much more than that.

It is the ability to allow your soul to guide you in life to always receive what you need materially for your personal development, so that you can fully express your inner spiritual path.

This definition of prosperity is based on my understanding that we are more than physical beings and that our inner spiritual powers can help us achieve not only financial prosperity, which feeds our body, but also spiritual prosperity, which feeds our soul. To learn more, read these quotes on prosperity.

A Spiritual Definition of Prosperity

Everybody knows that having lots of money and material possessions does not make people happy. Everybody knows that, but we still want to achieve prosperity and wealth.

Why? Why, is it so important for many of us to feel prosperous and wealthy?

Because deep inside we know that true prosperity is purely spiritual, that what we really desire and try to achieve in life is to feed our soul through experiencing and enjoying our material world while in our physical body. These are some of the reason most of us com up with:

1. We need the money to make our kids happy and be able to afford nice things for them, so that they can learn and grow healthy in body, mind and spirit.

2. We need prosperity to afford a nice home for our family and be able to share our living space with others.

3. We need abundance to give back to people in our community.

4. We need financial independence to spend more time with those we love.

When you ask yourself why you need to be prosperous, you realize that what you want to do is to create a better life for yourself and others, a life full of happy memories, happy feeling, happy experiences.

My definition of prosperity on spiritual terms is also based on my conviction that prosperity is a feeling and that this feeling stays with us throughout our life.

To me prosperity is the eternal celebration of life-giving properties of the universe. I feel part to this creative process, I feel that the universe needs me to be prosperous in order to continue its expression and growth in greater and greater ways. I look at being prosperous as the creative process of accumulating more and more life experiences.

I feel that my mind, my thoughts, my feelings are the point of creation the universe needs to expand. My desire of prosperity is a tool for a greater good.

As you can see a definition of prosperity has many meanings, what really counts is the meaning that you choose to give it. I chose this one because it works for me. In fact, when I want to manifest abundance in my life, I may want to have a nice car or a may desire to travel, etc. I want all these things, but I want them because with them I can create more spiritual prosperity for myself and others that are in alignment with my soul path.

I am not telling you that it is not important to own beautiful and expensive things, what I am telling you is that you need to know why.

Make up your own definition of prosperity and make it work for you.

Don't accept someone else's definition because if you do, you will never be really prosperous in life. Also, do not make the mistake of ignoring your spiritual self.

The Secret to Achieving True Prosperity

The secret of achieving true prosperity and manifesting true abundance in life is not forgetting why we desire to be prosperous. When you give a deep spiritual meaning to what you want to manifest, you give it an intention that is entirely yours, you put your vibrational signature on it.

This is very powerful because you make it yours. You claim your birth-right to manifest abundance and prosperity in your life in accordance and in harmony with the universe. 

So, how do we do this?

Most people like to use affirmations. The important aspect of using affirmations for abundance and prosperity is to direct our attention to what we really want because most of us do not really know what they really want. What we really care about is being free, truly free in order to enjoy life in such a way that enriches our soul.

Money and financial prosperity provide us with the tools that our soul needs to express entirely its spiritual powers. When you start to look at prosperity and money as tools for enjoying and celebrating life, you align yourself with the vibration of true prosperity in according with the Law Of Attraction and true prosperity will come to you multiplied.

Some people like to formulate their own prayers of prosperity to send out to God or the Universal Intelligence and see where that guides them.

A Definition of Prosperity Based on Gratitude

The definition of prosperity that serves you is one that puts you on a path of self discovery in order to create greater prosperity in your life. Begin by thinking deeply about what you really want at the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level. Take time to acknowledge the prosperity you already have and you do this by having an attitude of gratitude.

Yes! Practice feeling gratitude in your heart. If you truly think about it, once your basic physical needs are met, it is possible to experience prosperity at almost any level of income.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that if you have a higher income you will have less problems because this is obviously not true. Many people make this mistake and accept a definition of prosperity that assumes that having more means less effort. This erroneous definition of prosperity, when accepted as your own, will lead you nowhere because it is simply false.

Instead of complaining of what you do not have, begin to focus your attention on the good that you have in your life already. Remember to give a spiritual meaning to your definition of prosperity and remember to give it a positive feeling that brings a benefit not only to yourself but to everyone else.

The best way to do this is to keep a gratitude journal. Write down each day all the things you are grateful for that day. The simple act of keeping a journal will increase your prosperity 100 times.

I also like to write down my gratitude list. The process of journaling is especially life changing if you are experiencing a health condition, relationship difficulties, or desire a new career. You can heal anything that is broken in your life, if you chose to. Gratitude healing through journaling is a very powerful tool anyone can use to achieve and maintain optimal health. Feel the connection with the Universe that is in a constant state of creation.

Appreciation Creates More Prosperity

By allowing yourself to really appreciate the prosperity you have already created, you open your consciousness to even greater prosperity.

This might seem strange to some of you, but for me true prosperity means living my life with less. By simplifying things in my life I can free up more time that I can use to do the things that really bring me true satisfaction and help my soul prosper in a spiritual direction.

Having less and less material things to worry about creates a void that the Universe has to fill by bringing you more rewards in other areas of your life.

I say this from personal experience, when you have too much you become unbalanced and you will suffer the consequences of this imbalance. Make sure never to get out of balance where your material or outer world becomes more important than you spiritual or inner world.

Prosperity is simply maintaining your Inner and Outer Self in perfect balance.

Do not wait, give it a try, right Now!

Many Blessings!


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