Cosmic DNA

I hope you enjoy watching this video on the evolution of spiritual DNA.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

-C.G. Jung

Your DNA is not static but dynamic. It contains the information your body needs not only to make your characteristics,

Junk DNA may contain information regarding your past life memories and your soul-level knowledge that in what we call intuition, sixth sense and psychic ability.

Your Akashic Records are stored in holographic format within your unused DNA. Your Soul has access to this information through the super conscious mind.

This video introduces the concept of shadow DNA strands, which are esoterically 10. These strands add up to a total of 12 when added to the physical strands those that we can see under a microscope in physical reality. The 10 shadow strands do not have a physical presence and cannot be mapped as in DNA testing, but do have a quantic present and energetically do exist on a different dimensional level.

Pair 1: Physical DNA (responsible for the encoding for your physical and physiological characteristics)

Pair 2: Ethereal DNA (responsible for encoding your personality traits and ego based characters)

Pair 3: Psychic DNA ( responsible for encoding your mental profile that you have inherited from past generations)

Pair 4: Soul DNA (responsible for encoding your life purpose and karmic experiences)

Pair 5: Astral DNA (responsible for encoding information of our soul connection with other planets, constellations and galaxies)

Pair 6: Cosmic DNA (responsible for the creative potential of the soul)


44 44 444


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