I am so blessed in this earthly experience; I have family, friends, and lovers who support me; who want the best for me; who are kind, respectful, caring, giving, loving, I am loved, I am loveable, I am worthy, I am whole, I am perfect just by being, I am blessed, I am.

In love & light


Maria's Comment:

I really love your prayer of gratitude because it includes all the things that make your life a blessings: supporting family and friends.

We share our life experience with the people around us. Blessings them and be grateful for having them in our life is what makes us want to do nice things for others in our life.

When we do this, we create a better place for all those around us.

You mention:


How many people on earth do not experience, respect, love and care on a daily bases?

I hope you don't mind if I extend your beautiful gratitude prayer to all the people on this planed which deserve more respect, love and care.

May we all be blessed with all these three gifts!

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