Biofeedback Game Technology for Relaxation

Biofeedback games are used in biofeedback technology to train your mind during relaxation and meditation. If you are experiencing difficulty in achieving a state of relaxation during meditation and are asking yourself if you are doing it correctly, biofeedback will provide all the tools you need. 

Wild Divine uses Biofeedback technology in a fun way that helps you achieve better mind body connection.

The benefits of this advanced mind-body technology are many:

  1. Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence
  2. Improve your self-motivation
  3. Increase your focus, creativity and intuition 
  4. Become more productive in your daily tasks and activities
  5. Achieve better success in you bussness or career goals
  6. Improve personal relationships
  7. Stop emotional overeating and reduce cravings
  8. Learn how to relax on demand and let go of stress
  9. Achieve clarity in decision-making
  10. Learn how to deal with stressful situations

If you are struggling to improve anything in your life, you need to get some help and support in getting more in touch with yourself. Struggles are always a sign that the mind-body connection is blocked or broken. Reconnecting with your inner self will allow you to access you inner promptings  that try fully guide in everyday life and in the manifestation of your desired goals.  

The Wild Divine Meditation Mastery Bundle is great for adults and kids alike.

Biofeedback Game For Kids

Children gain real practical experience on meditation when using this technology. These are skills that are never taught in school, yet very important in life. Children's mind is oten constantly targeted by too many impulses all the time and children learn at a very early age to be hyperactive.

They have difficulty relaxing most of the time. They like watching TV and play video games that further stimulate them in a very passive and non useful way. This program really helps them calm down and learn to control their mental and emotional ups and downs naturally.

Othe important benefits for kids include:

  1. Improve self-esteem and self-love
  2. Achieve better grades and success in school
  3. Learn how to set and maintain goals
  4. Become better able to deal with other's negative energies
  5. Become aware of their own spiritual gifts
  6. Improve communication skills
  7. Become more in touch with their inner feelings
  8. Learn how to handle stress and pressure
  9. Avoid exposure to violence in other gaming devices
  10. Discover how their mind works in relation to the body

Relaxation Made Easy

Discover inner peace while exploring spirituality and enlightenment. Give yourself permission to be happy, calm, content. Make yourself a priority.

The Biofeedback game "The Journey to Wild Divine" is one of the best and most effective relaxation tools I know. This is more than a meditation program, it is a fun interactive computer game! It is an amazing way to learn more about the power of your mind. Once you master this game you have acquired a power that you can then apply to your daily manifesting efforts. It is the only mind-body trainer tool that works in a fun and easy to use way!

Master Your Breathing And Meditation Skills

Because you are using biofeedback technology to control your body response, you teach your mind and your body to reach a state of peace and inner calmness that takes years to achieve, even with constant and daily practice.

When you use this program, you play your way through meditation using biofeedback game technology to manipulate the images on your screen using your breath. The feeling is exhilarating and you truly feel in control and relaxed at the same time.

You have power over a virtual world through guided meditation, empowering you to develop control of your own mind, thoughts, and emotions, building stairways with breath, opening doors with meditation, juggling balls with laughter, and much more.

Designed By Experts Used By Everyone

Wild Divine products were designed with the knowledge of experts in the fields of spiritual consciousness and biofeedback technology, and is endorsed by well-known authorities in the health and self-improvement industry such as Deepak Chopra, MD, Carolyn Myss, and Dean Ornish, MD.

Since this is a computer game, anyone in your family can use it, even kids and teenagers. You are never too young to learn the power of meditation! Think about how much violence young people are seen on TV and video games these days.

"The Journey to Wild Divine" helps them relax and release stress, mild-depression, and anxiety, giving them better focus and ability to deal with life stresses. What they learn can be applied in school, sports and in their daily activity to achieve better results. What a wonderful gift!

How It Works

You simple follow a number of interactive, breathing and meditation exercises that literally teach you how to use the power of your thoughts, feelings, breath and awareness to control the progression of your journey.

The result is pretty incredible. You can see your mind and body affecting what is happening on-screen instantly!

The Sensors

You use a sensor that measures the flow of electricity in your skin and your heart-rate changes. You will be amazed by this piece of technology! This unusual controller is shaped like a scarab and it is called "LightStone." This is what you use to connect to your computer because it has three fingertip sensors that collect biofeedback data from your body. This is what allows you to know how connected your mind and body really are!

Increase Your Manifesting Power

Anyone who is an expert in manifesting abundance, health, wealth, and money knows that you have to be able to control your thoughts and emotions through meditation in order to be successful.

Only, when you increase awareness of our own internal state of consciousness you become good at manifesting. This is what using Wild Divine products helps you achieve.

Even if you are an expert at meditation, deep breathing technique, mind clearing, conscious focussing, you will love this technology!

It's Worth The Investment

Traditional meditation relies on you believing that it is working. Most people find meditation boring and resist this type of approach. You do the breathing exercises and follow the meditation trusting that your mind and body are benefitting, but are you reaching a deep state of relaxation, the only one needed to shift your consciousness to increase your manifesting power?

Most people fail at manifesting abundance, health, money, or love because they never reach this state. In fact, most people cannot sit longer than a few minutes a day during meditation and be really focussed and relaxed.

However, Biofeedback offers instant proof that the power of your thoughts is influencing your physiology. When you play with Wild Divine Biofeedback Game Technology you know when it is working! You cannot fail!

Improve Your Wellbeing

Once you master the ability to control your thoughts and emotions, you can achieve anything in your life! You can use this program to manifest better health, deeper self-knowledge, release stress, lose weight, and free yourself from alcohol and smoke addictions.

Private biofeedback sessions are very expensive and a biofeedback machine runs easily into the thousands. And nothing is as fun as using Wild Divine Biofeedback game technology.

All the Wild Divine products teach you how to use the power of our thoughts, feelings, breath, and awareness to inprove every aspect of you mind and body's wellbeing.

Mental Benefits

1. Increase relaxation and energy

2. Reduce stress and anxiety

3. Improve physical and mental wellbeing

4. Increase awareness of our own internal states of consciousness

5. A clearer state of mind and better focus

6. Greater mind-body connection

7. Increased ability of conscious manifesting

Physical Benefits

1. Lower blood pressure

2. Less fatigue

3. Better sleep

4. Reduce physical pain

5. Ease muscle tension

Brain Shift Relaxation

When you meditate you shift your brain activity to different areas of cerebral cortex promoting relaxation, which decreases the negative effects of stress.

The Journey to Wild Divine through the Biofeedback Game tools trains you to think and feel in new ways. To be more creative, more imaginative, and to inspire to a much larger awareness, one that is capable of dealing with the challenges of modern life.

To learn more about WildDivine Biofeedback technology, click here.

It will be so much fun, I promise!


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