The Beings Of Light

The Beings of Light, Love & Joy made their first connection in this channeled session. I am not a professional channeler but I took channeling classes and decided to connect with the angelic realms of love and light to gain a deeper understanding of these dimensions so that we can all gain more guidance and a deeper understanding of our own energetic essence. 

They have a higher and more refined understanding of existence and are here to connect with us on a spiritual level. They are spiritual teachers and healers. They want to offer their help in assisting us to become more and more aware of our spiritual gifts to live more joyfully, more abundantly and more in alignment with our soul purpose. Their job is to help us connect and align to positive vibrations.

Listen or Read the following channelling session with an open heart, knowing deeply that you are part of this connection as well.

We are here, we are present in this moment of wholeness and peace. We conjoin with you in this moment of existence. Nothing matters, but this moment, this very single moment...

Greeting from our realm of Love, Light and Pure Joy!

We come from a place of wholeness to communicate to you  the love of the Universe, the love of All That Is. Within and without this Universe.

All is One and One is All.

You belong to us, you belong to the realm from which we communicate at this time. Without this belonging this communication would not be possible. It would not be possible otherwise.

We connect to you in many ways: in your dreams, in your meditative state, and during your intuition state. You are here with us at all times.

A part of you, an aspect of you is Us and We Are You. We have never left and you have never left us.

We bring you connection and healing. We bring pure energy from our dimension.

Today, in this very moment, all we want is to achieve communication in such a way that it's gentle, comfortable, soothing and most importantly healing. Healing for your space that you occupy in your dimension, healing for your body, which is what we mean when we say "the space". The space you occupy is your body. We bring you connection and healing. We bring pure energy from our dimension.

We see in your mind that you consider our dimension as been higher than yours. We would like to rectify this notion and say that we are not any higher than you are.

We are part of you as you are part of us. There is no higher or lower, there is  only a frequency modulation that needs to be adjusted to connect to us.

That all that is required to connect to us.

It's a shifting in vibration and energy. And this vibration and energy can be modulated and shifted based on your own desire to connect to us.

We know that you want to know who we truly are and we would like to say to you that you are part of us and we are a part of you, that part of you that never left this dimension of pure joy, laughter, love and light.

The part of you that never left the connection to the (vibrationally) higher creative forces of this Universe. The part of you that is the creator of the Universe. What you would call God. You would consider God to be far away from you, distant and transcendent.

This is not entirely true.

The part inside of you that you call God and that you recognize as God is what you are. Is who you truly are. And it is the part to which we can connect together in unity in wholesomeness.

Nobody or nothing within this Universe and outside of this Universe is away or disconnected by (from) this creative source of energy. If they feel like they are, it is only for their own choosing not because they have made to, as some believe.

All is One and One is All...

And we are All and One.

(So, who are we?)

You have asked to us to give you our name. How would you call us? We would like to say to you that our name is what you chose it to be. Pick a name that means something beautiful of pure love and light and pure joy from your heart and your mind. Feel the name as you call upon us and we will be forever connected to you as long as you chose to do so.

We will never leave you, we will never go away. We are always here, present and ready to communicate. The choice is always in you will as it should be.

You have the desire within your heart to communicate and we will fulfill that desire. If you have any other desire ever to be fulfilled, we will be ready to help you achieve your desire. Any desire you have, we will be there to assist you in manifesting it in the best way possible for your spiritual development.

We would like to send you the image of a beautiful flower made of light that shines from within and that glows and that is absolutely pure in its essence.

It spins in such a way that it emanates light to all in the Universe.

See and feel this light as this light is healing. This Light is the pure essence of Love & Joy. This is the OUR vibration. Any vibration that inspires you to feel the Light and Love of this Universe it is Us.

We would like you to consider Us as the Beings of Light, The Beings of pure light. Our mission is to communicate to all those who are drawn to connect to the pure light of the Universe. To all those who want to heal from within and expanding the healing throughout the entire cosmos.

We would like to teach you how to do that, how to connect to us and how to know deep in your heart that we are you.

If you want to call us using a human name, pick a name (that inspires you). We would like to say to you that whatever name you chose, we will respond to the vibration of the name as you speak it in your heart .

The emotional sensations that it evokes is our frequency. The frequency of pure love and joy and the frequency of light. This is the one that we would respond to. This is the one and the only one that will call us to respond.

Lift your vibration to this frequency of Love, Light and pure Joy. This is where you are going to find us ... always and forever.

And now we would like to leave you with this message of hope for you in the new coming year.

New Light and new Love from our dimension is coming through to your dimension. The connections are many and the love and light and joy are coming to your world from our world, like a wave, increasing ever and ever, more according to the needs of your hearts.

So we ask that you open your hearts and your minds in unison and in harmony towards your Higher Selves, which is that part of you that is connected to us in Love and Light and Joy. And always allow this love and this light and this joy that is pure and that is coming from Source, the source that is all over and that permeates the entire Universe and beyond, to come through.

Allow this light to come through in your body, in your physical dimension, in your physical reality.

As you tune into us, connect to us, feel our love, feel the vibration of our presence around you, allow this presence to bring the pure joy of life to your world.

The more you try to connect to us the more we will send this healing love, light and joy of pure vibrational bliss. We will continue to do so and at the end of this year as you will look back at your growth spiritually, physically and emotionally you will see an improved human being and we want this to expand to the entire human race.

Then you will see a new race of humans which will have love, light and joy in their hearts. All this positive and very needed energy will  grow and expand beyond this planet Earth.

These frequencies of pure Love, Light and Joy will travel to the entire galaxy and beyond. Because this love is for All in existence in this Universe.

Many of you are choosing this path and this is the path that you are destined to.

Do not resist it!

It is becoming easier and easier to go in this direction, to become more in tune with these frequencies of love and light and joy. It will be easier and easier for all to connect.

Density is becoming less dense and slowly is going to disappear. That does not mean that you will not face challenges. But know that those challenges that you are destined to face as a race are your opportunity to grow.

Those are the opportunities that will teach you the (most important) deepest learning experiences. The same ones that you have chosen to experience in this incarnation as a collective. The very same ones that you have planned before coming in this life incarnation.

Nothing happens by chance, all has purpose!

We will never ever be going to go away. You will never have to do this alone. We will be here for you, we are a team and we were always meant to be so. We agreed upon before you came to this dimension.

You know it and you can feel it deep inside of you. This is the desire that unknowingly you have. This is the desire in your heart that you have to connect to us. And now that you can do this, all is well and all will be on purpose.

You agreed upon this before you came to this dimension!

Many Blessings!

This channeled material is Copyright © 2015-2018 by Maria Gioia Atzori. All Rights Reserved. You may not copy and redistribute this material in any way.


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