Attracting Positive Outcomes

Attracting Positive Outcomes

Attracting Positive Outcomes

Hi There,

I always seem to attract negative situations, people and experiences and I honestly do not know how I do that. Is there something I can do to avoid it? How can I attract positive outcomes?


You are first of all concentrating too much on your ability to create situations you do not like and that you judge been negative. If you judge this situation you are in actuality judging yourself for attracting it. Is this your intent?

The positive aspect of you asking this question is that you do not see yourself as a victim, but as the creator of your experience and this is a great point of view to be observing your life experience.

Avoiding looking at things as negative is the answer to your question. Ask yourself why you do I see them as negative. What does negative really means to you?

Negativity is simply something that is not in alignment with your true divine essence. Is this what you mean? If so, it makes sense to look deeper at these situations and search for what root choice you have made that creates this consequence.

The first step is to look at them not longer with the glasses of negativity, but with those of positivity. Can you do that?

What does positivity mean to you? Does it mean that it is in tune with your true core essence? If this is what it means than, you can analyse the situation deeper to search for anything within it that is indeed in alignment with you. If so, you have discovered something about you did not know.

Is it possible that these experiences are making you reflect upon them and in doing so you are becoming more and more aware of your ability to manifest and create your reality?

It is often possible that your Higher Self wants to show you things you are still holding onto vibrationally so that you can release them. At times of spiritual awareness and transformation, you set into place a journey of self discovery and these events are part of that journey.

If it was not for those events you would not have asked this question and you would not have delved deeper into this matter. You are closer and closer to getting to know your true divine essence. Do you see that?

Finally, you will notice that there is a vibrational signature at the level of your auric field that vibrates in alignment with these situations, thus attracting them into your life. Spend some time in meditation and go deeper and ask yourself if these situations are in any way an attempt to create a different outcome in your life. Some people call this an energy block.

Energy blocks are only there to give learning opportunity to experience a specific life outcome. They are there to make you chose in a different direction this time. A direction that is no longer negative, but positive and in alignment with who you truly are as a powerful creator.

Many Blessings!

The Beings Of Light
Channeled by Maria Gioia Atzori

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