Why Appreciation Heals Your Life

Appreciation is a very powerful healing tool. The secret to use this tool properly is to appreciate your life, no matter what your current circumstances look like. Know that what you are going through right now is the result of your past choices. 

You can always make different choices in the present time to create a different outcome. Also, if you have trapped negative emotions, you are not able to access your true potential. That’s the reason why making positive choices seems to be harder for you.

A client of mine, which I will name Roberta, wanted to understand why it was so hard for her to be grateful. She had tried writing down a gratitude list and could never get around completing it. Also every time she tried to feel grateful for something in her life, overwhelming thoughts would overpower her and she felt so uncomfortable to continue.

During the Emotion Code session we discovered that she inherited the negative emotion “disgust” from her paternal grandmother. When that piece of information came forth she started to lough and realized that her grandmother, which raised her, was that way all the time. Not only she inherited the negative trapped emotion from her, but she also modeled the behavior by living with her as a child. Furthermore, the trapped emotion was trapped in her left hip a place where she had recurrent pain and discomfort. 

We uncovered another trapped emotion of “vulnerability” she created at the age of three that got trapped in the right ear. She remembered that at that age her mother went back to work and that made her feel ungrateful for having to spend time with her grandmother all the time. 

At such a young age, life events affect us more deeply than when we are an adult. Unfortunately we forget the reason why we felt the way we did, but the negative emotions remains trapped in our body continuing to resonate and causing us to attract more of the same negative energy. 

The energy of the negative emotion gets lodged somewhere in the body and can, in some cases, cause physical impairment to the body part functioning. 

In Roberta’s case, she started to develop recurrent year infection at the age of 3. During the session, we discovered other trapped emotions that where creating a block to her ability to be grateful. 

Upon their removal, she realized that being grateful was a natural state of being for her now. She could easily write her 100 things to be grateful for and she was able to share how grateful she was with others all the time. Her family notice a tangible change in her attitude. As a consequence, gratitude changed her life.

How To be Grateful During Hardship

Don’t allow you difficulties to define your life. They are just your current condition. They are not you. It’s just what you are going through at the moment. 

You are an infinite being having a human experience. You are here to be larger than your conditions. There are no limits to where you can go. Your choices determine your new reality. Choose appreciation, and you will have things to be appreciative about.

The first step in self-transformation is to feel grateful for what you have right now. 

Practice appreciation every day. If you don’t believe me, purposely use appreciation for 30 days and experience the results in your life. Through the feeling of gratitude and appreciation, you can restore what is broken inside of you.

Every night before going to bed, write down 3 things you are thankful for. Feel the gratitude vibrating in your body as you do this exercise. Go over your experiences, places you have been, things you have accomplished, and the interactions you have had with people in search of grateful situations.

Making Appreciation A Habit

When appreciation becomes a habit, you have successfully reprogrammed yourself to see the positive in life and not the limitation. 

Each day feel and express appreciation for everything. Appreciate everybody in your life, including those who have offended you. If you are holding any form of resentment in your heart toward a person, your heart is not free to love. You are not free to give and receive abundance. A lack of gratitude creates a lack of abundance. If you are experiencing difficulty in creating more abundance in your life, ask yourself: “where am I not feeling appreciation in my life?” Dig deeper and look for things, people or events towards which you still hold resentment against.

Removing Resentment From Your Heart

If you hold onto resentment, anger and bitterness in your heart, gratitude is not as easily experienced. A grateful heart is free from negativity.

If your heart is not free from negative emotions, when you send out a loving thought to a person, it becomes tainted with the resentment you are holding. As a consequence, people don’t perceive the love you are sending out. Therefore, they do not reciprocate love and care towards you.

Resentment and negative feelings prevent you from accessing your loving potential. It creates and energy block. When the program of resentment is constantly running in the background of your mind, you lose very precious vital energy. 

When trauma, hurt and pain have caused you to stop accessing your ability to appreciate life, you are not whole. You are walking around in pieces.

Appreciation is a deep healing experience because it helps let go of that part of you that keeps you stuck in anger, blame, shame, and self-reproach. Appreciation makes you whole.

Here is what you can do, every day:

  • Appreciate your life and yourself.
  • Show appreciation by doing acts of kindness.
  • Release trapped negative emotions.

Energy Blocks To Gratitude

If feeling grateful and appreciative is hard for you, you may have trapped emotions that create an energy block that prevents you from accessing your ability to be grateful, as in my client's case. Releasing trapped negative emotions is the most important aspect of self-healing.

When a negative trapped emotion of anger, blame, shame, fear or guilt is vibrating constantly within you, it’s hard for you to feel appreciation. Letting go of trapped emotions is the first step in making yourself whole again.

When you work on releasing trapped emotions you learn which emotion you are holding inside of you, where it is located in the body and when it occurred in your life.

Feeling Grateful

Once you have successfully released any blocks to your ability to be grateful, it’s time to take action. Affirmations and inspired actions of gratitude can help give value to yourself and those with whom you share your life. 

Appreciation is a transformational tool because it consistently shifts the energy behind your thoughts and emotions. Subtle changes occur to those who are grateful. These changes are often imperceptible to the programs of the mind. Over time they create true results. You will be able to:

  • Feel happier and more open to receive.
  • Heal yourself from negativity.
  • Manifest better opportunities to further yourself in life.
  • Create a more loving environment for others. 
  • Let go of stress and insecurity.
  • Create more abundance in your life.

I hope you chose to feel gratitude and appreciation everyday of your life. Once you do, believe me, you will see miracles happening to you.

Many Blessing!


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