Anxiety at Night & Trapped Emotions

Anxiety at night is a very common problem for many and all of us experience anxiety in varying degrees. Your anxiety might be a regular struggle. Or it might linger beneath surface, coming up when you’re facing a stressful situation. But whether your anxiety at night is occasional or a regular visitor, it helps to have a collection of healthy tools you can turn to. Releasing trapped emotions, especially those that make up the Heart-Wall can have a very positive impact on people who are experiencing anxiety in general, but especially anxiety at night.

The symptoms you experience are a message from your spirit telling you that something is out of alignment in your life. 

There are many causes for this. Things it’s worth to investigate when it comes to anxiety at night are:

1. Food sensitivities

2. Undiscovered allergies

3. Toxins, including coffee

4. Trapped Emotions

5. The Heart-Wall

6. Dehydration

7. Hormonal imbalance

8. Metabolic dysfunctions

9. Intestinal flora imbalance

10. Unhealthy diet and habits

Often time you can identify the factors that contribute to worsening the problem of anxiety at night, but the root cause is always an energetic imbalance somewhere in the body-spirit connection. This energetic imbalance is most likely hold in place by trapped emotions that may go back in time when you were a child, or that you absorbed while in your mothers womb, or even inherited from your parents or grandparents

How Trapped Emotion Affect Anxiety At Night

Trapped emotions are negative emotions felt in the body with great intensity that get trapped somewhere in the body as a result of a traumatic experience. We all have trapped emotions stuck somewhere in our body. It is often safer to store the energy of the negative emotion than to let people know how you feel. Think about how many times you wanted to scream at someone who hurt you and you didn’t. Where do you think the energy of that emotion of anger went? It went somewhere in your body, you stuffed it inside of you somewhere safe where nobody can see how hurt you really are.

Those negative feeling, emotions and thoughts do need to come out and need attention and healing. At night you feel more anxious because the pain you carry inside is trying to get your attention and it does so often by making you feeling anxious so you pay attention. Anxiety at night is part of this process of “getting your attention”. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

“Why do I feel anxious?”

“What can I do to release that feeling?”

If you are empathic you also may carry anxiety that it not your own. Empaths are people who carry the emotions of other without knowing. They easily pick up other’s mental, emotional and even physical pain that is in the environment of people around them.

It’s my experience that anxiety at night is partially connected with your undiscovered empathic skills. An empath is a person that uses emotional intuition to understand and connect with people. The empath uses this ability as some sort of radar to check out the energy in the environment. In doing so, you might unwarily pick up the mental and emotional burdens of others. 

When anxiety shows up at night it is telling you that you have reached a critical point. You are carrying something that it is not yours or you have to deal with something in your own life. The feeling you experience as anxiety at night is simply more pronounced during this time because all interactions with the external world are turned off and you are forced to tune into your inner world. 

Your inner world is a place that exists only inside of you and it is a real aspect of yourself. This is the pace of your subconscious. Here is where all your emotional experiences are recorded. If I had to ask you how you felt each and every moment of your day, you probably would not know. But your subconscious mind has recorded every thought, every emotions, every action that you have experienced during the day. Your conscious mind may not remember, but your subconscious mind has kept all the records!

The best way to access the subconscious mind is through muscle testing as we do in the Emotion/Body Code system. You can ask easy yes and no questions to detect what is the underlying cause of your anxiety at night. Nine times out of ten the underlining cause of your anxiety is an energy imbalance related to trapped emotions. 

Release Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions of anxiety can also cause you to feel anxious all the time without knowing. When I work with clients, I often find anxiety as a prenatal trapped emotion. Prenatal trapped emotions are negative emotions that you absorbed as a developing fetus in your mother’s womb. If during your pregnancy your mother felt anxious worried, you can rest assure that you might have absorbed this emotion from her. Also if any of your relatives had anxiety, you might have inherited the predisposition to develop anxiety in the form of inherited trapped emotions. If you are an empath or highly sensitive person, it is not uncommon for you to absorb anxiety as a trapped emotion from those who are close to you.

If you notice that your anxiety at night spell happens on work days, think about the place you work and the people you work with. You might have absorbed the anxiety and anxious emanation of people at work. It is not uncommon to pick up negative emotions from the people we live with, coworkers, friends and even the cashier at the grocery store. If you enter a room in which there was an argument, you may pick up the energy and that can also contribute to your anxiety at night. 

This one time I went to the grocery store to pick up some grapes and I was happy and relaxed when I went in, but felt suddenly irritated, for no reason and started to complain something that I really didn’t care so much, only to realize I had picked up the mood of the cashier as I was cashing out. I remember noticing her been upset because nobody would relieve her so she could have a coffee break. 

That night before going to bed I was meditation asking the light to remove any energies that I picked up during the day that were not of mine. Suddenly the memory of the cashier and her anger popped into my mind and I realized that my mood had been affected by her. I visualized myself letting go of all that and felt immediately better. 

In order to lessen your anxiety at night, I would recommend doing any of the following before bedtime:

Have a Night Ritual

You can light a candle for 5 minutes and read your goals or affirmations. This is the perfect time to ask for protection at night and to say a prayer. Asking for what you desire to happen the next day should be done right before bedtime, giving your subconscious mind the mental and emotional state to be more in alignment with your goal.

If you have something on your mind that prevents you from falling asleep, this is the time to surrender your worries to God and your Angels.

In many religious traditions, night time is the perfect moment to connect to your guardian Angels by thanking for all the work they do for you under the scenes of your life and ask for special protection at night. 

Journaling To Soothe Anxiety at Night

The perfect time to work on your journal is just before you go to sleep. Write down anything that has bothered you during the day and let it go. Express any feeling or thought about people, places and thing you have dealt with during the day that made you feel unhappy, angry, resentful, unworthy, etc. Name the emotions you have felt and let them go. Do not dwell on them! Otherwise they will get stuck as trapped emotions. 

Do Art

If you like to draw or doodle, this is the perfect time to allow your spontaneous artistic expression to come forth. Using art is an opportunity to switch your brain to a more relaxed mode and is very conducive to falling asleep. 

Take a Sea Salt Bath

Take a sea salt bath for 20 minutes before bed time is an excellent way to cleanse your energy field from the energetic impurities you have picked up during the day and relax. Place 1-2 cups of pure raw sea salt, Himalayan salt or any natural salt you can find in your bath water and relax. This is a great time to listen to a guided relaxation meditation.


Meditating before bedtime is ideal. You can use many time of meditative music and simply drift to sleep that way or purchase a guided meditation that helps you relax. If you like working with Angels and Archangels, Doreen Virtue meditation, chakra clearing is a really good one. 

Essential oil

Essential oils have amazing powers to help soothe and relax the nervous system. Many fragrances when dispersed into the environment have positive effects and help you relax. I would recommend using a diffusor containing water and a few drops of essential oil like lavender, chamomile, and jasmine.  

Rescue Remedy

Rescue remedy is my go-to-remedy for anything emotional! I recommend my clients to always carry it with them and make use of its amazing calming and soothing effect. Rescue remedy is a Bach Flower Remedy that is made using the petals of flowers who have specific healing properties when it comes to mental and emotional issue. There is a formulation, called Rescue Remedy Night that has been specifically designed for those suffering from anxiety at night. It can be found in any health food store and it is safe for children as well. 

Turn Off All Electronics

Scientist now can prove that the electromagnetic field released from cell phones, tablets, computers and other electronic appliances do affect the brain wave pattern when kept to close to you at night. Ideally, you would want anything that emits electricity or electromagnetic frequency 3 feet or one meter away from you. You may also want to make sure you WIFI is turned off completely. 

Keep Your Room Dark

Sleeping in complete darkness is recommended because any light can disrupt your melatonin production during sleep. If you have to have a night light, I would recommend using a Himalayan salt lamp with a red or orange bulb. Studies have shown how the red light does not affect melatonin production at night. 


Smudge with sage your bedroom before going to sleep may be necessary if you know you carry a lot of negative energy or if you tend to do other activities in your room besides sleeping. If you experience anxiety at night, I would definitely recommend smudging your room once a week. If lots of people live or visit your house, make sure to smudge every room as well. Remember to aerate your room before going to sleep after smudging.

Smudging has been used by many traditions to cleanse negative energies from people and the environment. Negative entities may be bothering you or you may live in a part of town that attracts negative entities. Be aware of your energy boundaries and any negative spiritual interference that may be lurking in the background. If you are a sensitive person, you have a more refined ability to sense these negative energies, which may increase your anxiety at night.

Spiritual Protection

Put a protective golden-white light around you before going to sleep. Mind the people who sleep with you. If they have negative emanations of worry and concern, you may be picking up on their stuff. If you have a partner you sleep with, envision them completely protected by the golden-white light and ask your guardian angels to protect you from others emotional and mental negative energies. Never go to sleep upset or angry with your partner. Always try to resolve any problem or issue before bedtime, otherwise your mind will try to solve the problem or continue the argument while you sleep. 

If you have argued in your bedroom, make sure to smudge or cleanse the room asking the white light to do it for you. Envisioning a purple tornado going around the room burning off any negative energy is a good visualization to use in emergency situations. 

I hope all these tips will help you feel better soon.

Many Blessings!


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