Angels Of Forgiveness


There is so much healing power in the action of forgiveness. When you choose to forgive yourself and others you open the doors to the healing of your heart at a very deep level. 

It is time for you to bring down the wall and trust in yourself and the world. As you allow with the frequency of forgiveness you are sending out a message to the Universe that says: "I trust myself and I let go of the part of me that is hurt".

This calls back to you an incredible amount of life force energy and healing energies from the angels. 

This is so because you are saying that you are ready to clear all the negative memories that keep you stuck.

An unforgiving heart is always hurting.

You have been putting up a negative wall of protection to keep people away from fear of being hurt again. Unfortunately you are also not allowing the healing energies of the angels to come in and help you. If you stay in this state you will keep experiencing more of the same type of negative energy. Are you sure that this is what you want?

Whatever the reason was that made you put up this negative energetic wall that keeps you hidden from the world, it is now time to bring it down.

If you are ready, the healing energies are now coming to you and the healing angels are right next to you helping you and supporting you all the way. You will soon feel safer and able to trust again. 

Please, understand that you are an empath and you are very sensitive. It is this sensitivity that allows you to feel and relate to others in the world. If you shut down this level of sensitivity, you shut down the best part of who you truly are. 

When you suppress your feelings and your emotions you are preventing your true nature to operate in the world. You are a light worker and you are in need of deep healing. 

So far in your life, you may have held yourself back from new opportunities and new experiences for fear of being hurt. Know that the angels are with you and you are always protected and safe. 

If you choose to keep the pain of your past "energetically alive within you", you will stay stuck. The past is only the energy of a memory, it is no longer real. You choosing to keep this memory is preventing you from fully embrace your power.

Decide now to let this all behind you. See and feel the healing angels working on your heart chakra and releasing gray stuck energies of resentment, hatred, grief, betrayal, abandonment, and more. Take a few minutes to feel them working with you and helping you release and clear all that negative emotional energy that you hold in your heart chakra. 

Forgiving yourself and others. Do it now and feel the breeze of change.

As you take a firm decision to let go, your energy field becomes filled with pure white light and the healing angels work all around you. Look now at your past as a learning experience that made you who you are. Nobody has the knowledge and understanding that you have right now because of your past.

As you forgive yourself, people and situations that still make you feel angry and upset, you are creating a new version of your reality, you are shifting to a new time line, where you are completely safe from from your past. Where your past, no matter how difficult, can no longer hurt you in any way.

TRUST that all of the people, opportunities, and experiences are from now on in alignment with the vibration of love. When you step into this energy, nobody can harm you unless you allow it. You are not a victim, un-forgiveness makes you one.

Angelic Visualization

Visualize a beautiful golden bubble of protective light completely surrounding you like a cocoon. This light allows only positive energies in and keeps you completely safe and protected from negative energies.

As you work with the golden light of angelic wisdom, you find the courage within you to forgive yourself and others, once and for all. You are now free and will stay free.

Use your free will to choose for yourself only positive vibrations from now on. Know that negative emotions of blaming, resentment, fear, shame, humiliation, etc., no longer serve you.

Go about your day today thinking and feeling this beautiful golden light healing and supporting you. If you have a feeling of self-doubt or insecurity, ask the healing angels of the golden light to bring you back into balance.

You are loved, you are safe.

Many Blessings!


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