Angel Reading Via eMail

If you want to go deeper into the hidden areas of your soul and discover the bigger picture of your life, your Angels are here to guide you and show you what's blocking you.

Discover the emotional and mental limitations that are hidden from your conscious awareness.

How The Angel Reading Can Help You

This is a powerful Angel reading, that includes a message from your Angels. If you are looking for a deeper spiritual meaning of what’s happening in your current life, this reading is for you. When your session is over, you will receive a report by email containing your message. This session will help you bring forth the learning you need to acquire in order to heal your heart and soul.

Here is what this reading will revel to you:

Current Energies: What you are spiritually and energetically going through.

Soul Learning: What you are learning at soul level though this situation.

Limiting Belief Energy: What has been limiting you.

New Energetic Possibilities: What you can do to improve your situation by working on specific healing energies.

Inner Spiritual Guidance: What the Angels want you to know to move forward.

Regular Price: $144

Please, read disclaimer before booking.

The Healing Angels are ready to send you healing energies and work with you in healing any area of your life: career, financial, relationships and health.

Their job is to take you deeper into spiritual awareness and teach you how to manifest and creates a better life for yourself based on self-love and abundance.

You will find guidance from the healing angels in a way that assists you with strengthening your will to choose in alignment with your soul's path and for your highest good.

Their job is not to tell you what to do but to encourage you to move out of your own way and discover the true essence of your inner light by working with their healing energies. 

What People Have To Say...

"Thank you for this reading! The information was really helpful. - Sophia"

"This Angel reading resonated with me. Thank you for sending me my report and for explaining how my issue is connected to the Angel's message.  - Mary"

"I loved my reading so much! It contained important information that helped me feel better. The part where the Angels explain my soul lesson was very accurate. Thank you! - Angela"

"Thank you for my reading! I have been doing the visualization the Angels recommend every day and it is really helping me feel more peaceful during the day. - Emily"

"I have a stressful job and this reading really helped me understand why I am feeling this way. I will definitely have another reading soon!- Joy" 

 Angel Messages and Inspirations  

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