Angel Message

A Time For Change


Your energy field is currently going through a restoration process that will transform the way you feel about yourself. This process is like a metamorphosis, which will completely change the way you feel, see and sense your energy. 

This is a positive upgrade within your chakra system at the level of your emotional body.

This transformational energy is coming from deep within the galaxy and is influencing all humanity. This has been taking place for some time but it is now coming to it final stages.

If you feel more emotional it is because this process is making you feel more sensitive asking you to be more in tune with your inner feelings.

All the negative trapped emotions present in you, are now coming to the surface making you feel more anxious and stressed out. If these negative feelings are present in you, it is because they are coming up for release. 

You are at the end of a cycle in your spiritual life. Jut like a butterfly merging from its cocoon, you are about to get your wings.

The time is now for you to really look deeper into yourself and ask:

"What do I need to become in order to live my life to the fullest?"

"What energies of transformation do I need to download in order to be my best?

Download now the energies of Self-Love and Self-Appreciation to create this transformation in a very empowering way.

Some of you might feel like victims of these energies of change. If this is so, know that there is a part of you, that is resisting the new energies from coming in.

If this is you, ask yourself:

"What am I holding on from my past that needs healing?"

As you ask this type of questions, many memories may come to mind. As this happens, make sure not to judge yourself. You will begin to see the meaning in all that you have been through. This transformation is a very powerful step in your personal growth.

The more you do this inner work, the more clearly you' ll see what needs to go. You will become more and more aware of old patterns that no longer serve your New Self. 

See and feel these new energies empowering and supporting you in bringing in new ideas, new actions, new opportunities to improve your well-being, romance, and career. 

Your sadness and depression will soon be transformed into peace and balance. The more you work with these energies of transformation, the more this will be true for you.  

As you go through this process, your transformation will be inspirational to others and you'll become a new beacon of light energy that will generate change in others as well. 

Angelic Energy Visualization For Today

Visualize a beautiful purple healing energy entering your Crown Chakra, located at the top of your head, and filling your body top to bottom bringing you deeper and deeper sense of peace. As you do so you are now downloading the frequencies of self-love and self-appreciation, which will transform your being at every level.

Work with the purple light when you feel the need to transform yourself and transmute negative energies into positive energies. Spend time during the day to do this simple energy visualization. If something in your day needs changing, the purple light has very powerful cleansing properties.

Many Blessings!

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