Angel Message: Your Light Path

This message is for November 2019

Dear Sons and Daughters of Light and Love,

A soul in its light path always goes in the direction of Love.

A soul always finds a way to express its Joy.

A soul always reaches its Peace.

These are your tasks as souls on the Path of Light.

Simplicity and love are already within you.

Exuberance and joy are already within you.

Peace and enlightenment are already within you.

All you have to do is activate these energies of thought, emotion and action in your life, in your way of being and in your way of showing yourself to the world.

Ask yourself:

Do I give unconditional love every being I meet, in every situation and for the simple reason that it exists?

Do I express my joy of living in every moment, in every situation and for the simple reason that I exist?

Do I reach true inner peace within me at all times, in every situation, despite what happens around me?

If you are able to answer affirmatively to all these questions, you are a soul on the light path able to receive and to give Love, Joy and Peace.

Nothing will upset you if you know how to activate these Divine Energies within you.

These energies together, when activated within you, create an impenetrable shield of protection, shielding you from suffering and discord.

If you lack Love your heart suffers and you lack the energy to create.

If you lack Joy, you lack the inner child in you that shows you the possibilities that life offers you.

If you lack peace, the world will dominate you without mercy.


If you have Love you will bring healing to suffering.

If you have Joy you will bring new life.

If you have peace you will bring hope to the world.

And so ...

... walk in the world Always accompanied by Divine Love, Divine Joy, and Divine Peace.

These are not just beautiful words that elevate your vibration, they are real Entities that assist you at all times.

Accept them within you.

You can call them as:

The Angel of Divine Love

The Angel of Divine Joy

The Angel of Divine Peace.

May your heart always be filled of Love, Joy and Peace ... now and always in every dimension of space and time.


Here is the invocation you can say every day this month:

Divine Father and Mother,

I ask you for Love, I ask you for Joy. I ask you for peace.

Divine Father and Mother,

I give you Love, I give you Joy, I give you Peace.



44 44 444


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