Angel Message: Harmony 

June 1st., 2020

Greeting of light and love,

The higher realms are encouraging you to learn how to be more DYNAMIC and more ENERGETIC in order to feel more vibrationally ALIVE

Let your AURA shine!

Surround yourself with higher frequencies in order to align energetically and vibrationally with them.

Be more dynamic in order to be able to evolve.

We speak here of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evolution.

When you learn to be more dynamic, your life changes, transforms and creates greater fullness.


This way of behaving helps to find new ways of BEING.

Remember that before DOING, you must BE!

Your physical and energetic reality is changing and transforming ... and evolving towards greater harmony.

Imagine your reality as composed of several vibrational layers. In the past, these layers were more distant and separated between each other ... now they are harmonizing with each other.

Very soon ... this will lead you to experience frequencies of different origin ... new frequencies ... that you will be called to integrate into your energy field.

Bring harmony to situations in your life that are discordant. Intuitively learn how to perceive the disharmony that is manifesting in your reality.

When you bring harmony to your energy field, you bring healing to your body. Always connect with the healing frequencies and activate them within you to harmonize what is not yet harmonious.

Illness is a frequency that has lost its harmony which has become disharmonious.

Your ability to become more dynamic also pushes you to become more harmonious in order to bring healing to your physical body and your energy field.

Here is the invocation you can say to bring harmony back into your life:

 I align myself with the frequency of dynamism,

harmonizing my physical body.


44 44 444


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