Angel Energy Reading Via eMail

If you want to go deeper into the hidden areas of your soul and discover the bigger picture of your life, your Angels are here to guide you and show you what's blocking you.

Discover the emotional and mental limitations that are hidden from your conscious awareness.

The Angel Energy Reading 

This reading will revel to you:

The universal law is affecting you right now: At the soul level you are always working  with the spiritual laws of the universe and at any moment in time your soul is guiding you to evolve and grow as a human being in order to align with your soul essence.

Your Current Life lessons: You are always learning something new. What you are energetically going through in every moment reflects your lessons. Through your life lessons, your souls is pushing you to learn and evolve.

Which Spiritual gift you need to develop: As a soul you need to be constantly developing and improving your gifts. This energy reading will reveal to you what spiritual energetic gift you need to implement right now.

What you need to release energetically, what you need to let go: What has been limiting you. You will discover what is important for you to work on. 

What is your soul purpose : What you can do to improve your situation by working on specific healing energies.

Spiritual Guidance: What the Angels want you to know to move forward.

You will receive a written report sent to you via email.

Regular Price $ 44.44 US

Please, read disclaimer before booking.

What People Have To Say...

"Thank you for this reading! The information was really helpful. - Sophia"

"This Angel reading resonated with me. Thank you for sending me my report and for explaining how my issue is connected to the Angel's message.  - Mary"

"I loved my reading so much! It contained important information that helped me feel better. The part where the Angels explain my soul lesson was very accurate. Thank you! - Angela"

"Thank you for my reading! I have been doing the visualization the Angels recommend every day and it is really helping me feel more peaceful during the day. - Emily"

"I have a stressful job and this reading really helped me understand why I am feeling this way. I will definitely have another reading soon!- Joy" 


44 44 444


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