Angel Card Reading Via eMail

If you want to go deeper into the hidden areas of your soul and discover the bigger picture of your life, the Angels are here to guide you and show the way. 

In this reading, the Angels will bring you guidance regarding your current situation. They will show your blocks and help you move in the right direction to achieve better emotional balance.

All my readings are done using my Angel Card Reading Oracle deck that I have created specifically for my Angel Card Readings. I will also release 5 trapped emotions or any energy imbalances using the Emotion/Body Code system if necessary.

About Your Reading

For each reading, I use the following layout of the cards:

Card 1: Your Energy and Feelings

The card in this position indicates your current energy situation, what your dominant energy is telling you about yourself, and how you feel about the situation you are currently experiencing. This card highlights energies of emotion and thought that you need to understand. In your reading, I will channel the Angels and what they want you to know though this card.

Card 2: What is Blocking You

The card in this position tells you what is blocking you right now (you may or may not be aware of it). Here, the Angel reading will explore what's blocking you on an energetic and emotional level. With the help of the Angels, you will be able to understand what you need to let go in order to fell better.

Card 3: What You Need to Address

This card tells you about what is still in the shadows in your unconscious, the deep reasons why the situation arose and that led you to the current block. This card shows you what you still need to become aware of, what is in the shadow but needs to be brought to the light.

Card 4: What's Still Influencing You From The Past

The past card highlights what energies or events have brought you to your current situation or are still affecting you right now. The Angels will highlight how to heal your past and what needs to be released in order to find inner balance.

Card 5: What You Are Learning

This card tells you about what you are learning and what you are becoming aware in your life. Here the reading will address your life purpose or what learning lessons you are going through.

Card 6: Your Direction & What You Can Manifest

The Angel will show you the next step in order to gain insight and understanding about your life path. Here, the Angels will let you know what energies you need to adopt in order to manifest your highest potential.

Card 7: How Can You Solve Your Issue

The main reason what people have reading is to receive Angelic guidance. This card represents the advice that can you utilize to better understand your situation. The Angels will take into account what is happening and suggests the best approach to deal with the block or situation.

Card 8: External Influences

This card highlights the energies of people and events that can affect you in a positive or negative way and that are beyond your control. It will be revealed to you what you need to pay attention to at this time.

Card 9: Your Next Step 

This card shows you how to proceed and what steps you need to go through in order to achieve a more fulfilled life experience. Through this part of the reading, the Angels will show you how to make your choice to change your situation.

About The Reading

My readings are all via email. When I do your reading, I enter into a meditative state to receive the information that the angels are giving you through the cards.

To book your Angel Card reading, select that time and day you want me to do your reading. During that time, you do not need to do anything special, simply go about your day.

You will receive your reading by email. The reading consists of a summary document showing you the cards of your reading and a written channeled message from your angels.

Please note that all my readings are non-refundable.

Regular Price $ 44.44

Please, read disclaimer before booking.

What People Have To Say...

"Thank you for this reading! The information was really helpful. - Sophia"

"This Angel reading resonated with me. Thank you for sending me my report and for explaining how my issue is connected to the Angel's message.  - Mary"

"I loved my reading so much! It contained important information that helped me feel better. The part where the Angels explain my soul lesson was very accurate. Thank you! - Angela"

"Thank you for my reading! I have been doing the visualization the Angels recommend every day and it is really helping me feel more peaceful during the day. - Emily"

"I have a stressful job and this reading really helped me understand why I am feeling this way. I will definitely have another reading soon!- Joy" 

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