Aligning To Your Life Purpose

by Neha

Aligning To Your Life Purpose

Aligning To Your Life Purpose

How do I become very sure that what I want is in alignment with my Life purpose, because if it isn't then why should I be wasting time in following what I desire?

Answer :

Dear Neha,

If what your desire is dictated by your inner guidance, it’s always in alignment with your life purpose.

So, ask yourself: "Where does this desire come from?"

If you choose to do what’s right because somebody else's expects it from you, that's probably not in alignment. Any choice or decision you take as a result of obligation, responsibility and duty is probably not coming from inside, but it’s most likely coming from outside influences. That does not mean that outside influences are always wrong, but if you are not sure, something is telling you that there is more about what you really want to be, do or have that you don’t have the courage to bring forth.

The very act of asking your question: “How I know that this is in alignment?” Is telling you that you are forcing something within you to make it so. You are looking for an outside source to tell you how you can decide. The truth is, you can only be the one that can decide and you only know the “How To Decide.”

Your “How To Decide” may be different from person to person.

Having said that, these are simple questions you can ask yourself when answering the question: “How would I know if this choice is in alignment with my life purpose?”

1. Does it give me life?
2. Does it require inner grow?
3. Does it benefit me and others?
4. Can I be at service?
5. Will I learn more about myself?

Your life purpose is not a job title or a business venture. For some people it becomes their business or career, but it does not have to be so. Not right away at least. Your life purpose is a process that unfolds over your life time. You cannot have it all figured it out in the beginning of your journey, so be willing to allow room to grow and room for new discoveries.

If you have a choice where you can do whatever you desire, then go and do that. It will be in alignment with your life purpose because if comes from your heart. Your heart never lies to you, your mind does.

In your mind you can tell yourself all kinds of things that make sense and you can convince yourself on what you should or should not be doing. Your mind can trick you with logic and common sense; your heart cannot do that. Your heart is incapable of deceiving you.

When you say that if you make a mistake in aligning with your life purpose, you will be wasting your time, you are speaking with the voice of your Ego. The Soul sees no failure in being and choosing when it comes from your heart.

So, look deeper into your desire because if it comes from your heart is also coming from your Soul.

To discover your life purpose, take some time to answer these questions:

1. What do you believe in?
2. What’s true for you in life?
3. What vision of yourself do you want to bring into reality?
4. What future version of yourself are you working to give birth to?
5. What do you really want?

To decide if what your desire is in aliment, see what’s out there in the world as inspiration, but do make your choices by listening to what you heart is telling you.

If you hesitate about your choices because you are not sure, you are creating a block for yourself. When you are in this state it is very hard for you to receive spiritual support.

Our advice to you is to put yourself on your path, whatever that path is for you right now. And as you proceed, keep your awareness heightened to receive guidance from spirit to show you the way. By keeping a clear vision of what you want, you can achieve anything!

Many Blessings!

The Beings of Light

Channeled by Maria Gioia Atzori

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