Aligning To Patience
Angel Message

Dearest Children of Light and Love,

You are experiencing changes that offer opportunities for a great renewal, but you are not always able to notice it.

This is a moment that offers you an immense opportunity to take a quantum leap from one vibrational reality to another.

But the real question is: Where are you headed?

Because if you don't know where you are headed, this Opportunity for Change will be managed for you by others.

And we are not speaking in a physical sense, we are speaking in a Spiritual sense.

We are not talking about the possibility of choice outside yourself, we are talking about the possibility of choosing within yourself.

  1. Everything can be healed
  2. Everything can be fixed
  3. Everything can be rebalanced

Remember that the Angels of Healing work closely with you ... and ask you to continue on your higher path and to persevere.

Be patient!

It's not time to get impatient, it's time to Align!

Align with the higher energies of Divine Patience.

This energy is necessary for all souls on the path to bring Universal Wisdom and Realization.

Without Patience there is no Wisdom, without Wisdom there is no Awareness and Growth.

Patience shows you the right time to act or not to act ... and therefore to make your right choices.


Only in this way will Divine Patience enter you.

Human patience is simply waiting for things to change without you being in control.

Human patience brings you closer to the energy of sacrifice and of

sub-mission ... which are not high energies.


Because you enable the mission of others and not  your own Mission.

Instead ...

If you are present in you while you wait, if you practice Awareness while waiting, then you will be in control of YOURSELF and consequently whatever happens you will be in alignment with your manifesting.

Remember that you are the co-creator of your reality, consciously or unconsciously.

In conclusion We Ask You to Choose according to Your Divine Mission.

Here is your affirmation:

I align myself with the energies of Patience which shows me the right time to act.

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