Alien agenda on earth

by Roland

Alien Agenda On Earth

Alien Agenda On Earth

My girlfriend is an "abductee" and claims she has been involved in the alien breeding program. She says these hybrid beings she deals with are very nice and never hurt her. This is in Eugene Oregon. Should we trust them? I want to meet them.


My dear beloved Roland,

There are many intelligent life forms on planet Earth besides humans. Some are benevolent and some are not so benevolent. You see, all species of cosmic creation have a choice, just like you have a choice as a soul incarnated into human form. All souls have a choice to work with light or darkness. Which choice you decide to adopt creates your life path and purpose. At any time you can choose to change and move from the darkness to the light or from the light to the darkness. This is how we define benevolent or malevolent souls. Are they working with the light or are they working with the darkness? Of course some of them are working with both.

Planet Earth is a stop center for many soul travellers all around your galaxy. It is like an oasis. Many stop to rest and sense the energies of the planet that are life giving and life restoring both physically and energetically.

Others have agendas and are here to obtain what no longer is available on their own plane of existence. In this particular case you are inquiring about, it’s the capacity to create life. The procreative abilities of humans at this time on the planet are decreasing and in a future not too far away will be extinct. If humans do not stop and clean up their act and planet, there will be severe consequences of their choices.

This is so on a physical level, on an energetic level and on a mental/emotional level. Look at your society and you can clearly see the beginnings of what we are saying.

We sense that the beings you are talking about are helping humanity preserve their species by creating a colony of humans on another dimensional plane. They are harvesting the “good” genes and the ones that not only carry physical traits required for propagation, but also cosmically the DNA has encoded energies of love, peace and light. The abductees carry a special type of DNA, which we call cosmic DNA.

As said earlier, every species on earth has an agenda. These beings, which you consider to be alien, are doing this in order to help their species, which no longer has procreative abilities. This is a simple explanation of a very complicated manner. You see, some of the people you call alien are future version of the human species coming back in time to repair the damage that it has been done.

Human abductees are in many cases volunteer souls from the same soul group that is abducting them and at soul level there is an agreement. Because you are the one asking the question, we cannot provide information about your girlfriend. She has to be the one inquiring about her personal situation. This is her free will. So, we will not talk about her in particular, but we will answer your query, giving you general information that can be useful to understand many things.

First of all, you say: “I want to meet them”. This statement is telling you that you too have a soul level affinity with this soul group. You are also asking if they are benevolent and if they can be trusted. Now, we ask you the same question: Are you benevolent towards them and can you be trusted?

The reason why we ask you these questions is because the beings you are talking about are indeed capable of feeling and sensing your thoughts and your emotions. They know your intentions and if you are deemed worthy, you will too have the experience that you desire.

The frequency of skepticism and mistrust creates a block within you that does not allow you to connect with them, even if you say that you want to meet them.

If what you say is true, you need to work on letting go of your doubts and skepticism. On a conscious level you want to trust them, but on an unconscious level we sense a block. These doubts come from your Ego. It’s a survival mechanisms and it is very appropriate. Over time your level of skepticism will be diminishing and your trust in yourself will be increasing.

Having said that, you may already have had experiences with these beings you are mentioning, in a dream state. They operate really well at the level of 5th dimensional levels (outside time and space) and rarely lower their energies down to the time-space 3rd physical dimensional level unless it's strictly necessary.

You connect to the 4th dimension is your mind and during astral travel while your physical body is resting. This level is outside space but connected to time.

It is in your mind through visualization and meditation that you can consciously connect to them. In this way it’s possible for you to meet them, if they choose to meet with you, once you work on your doubts about them.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is an excellent way to achieve this type of connection when fear and doubt creates an energy shield that does not allow the connection to take place.

The hybridization process between these beings you consider to be alien and the current time human species is an attempt to maintain and create beings that are energetically and genetically stronger and more capable of survival. These beings will over the centuries colonize this planet or/and other colonies in this galaxy.

As the frequencies of the planet are now shifting and changing to higher levels of consciousness and awareness, a new type of being is evolving. What you are talking about is just the beginning of this process.

The beings that you consider to be alien are helping and have helped humanity for eons evolve and adapt on this planet. They are in reality not so alien. At least not more, no less alien than you are.

Earth people believe that they own the earth and that they are the only rightful owners, but this truth may be changing in the future. This will come to pass when humanity as a whole is ready to learn the truth about their origins.

Many Blessings!

The Beings Of Light
Channelled By Maria Gioia Atzori

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