Akashic Reading via eMail

This reading is designed to assist you in discovering your authentic self. You will learn how to look at yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience. You will be revealed the most powerful gift you have as a soul.

Most people are not aware that they have precious soul-level gifts they can use to create a happier life experience filled with love and abundance.

The Akashic record reading will assist you in discover the level of self-knowledge that allows you to finally find deeper love for yourself.

If you feel blocked in your authentic self-expression and feel like you don't have access to self-love and self-compassion, this reading will be able to open the doors to a brand new way of loving and appreciating yourself.

Open Your Heart and Discover Your Soul!

This is a distance reading of your Akashic Record. You will discover the following:

  • The spiritual gift you have as a soul
  • The specialties your soul has acquired throughout its existence
  • The journey of your soul throughout this universe
  • The blocks from past lives and past life stories
  • The blocks from your current life
  • Your primary life lesson
  • Your level of spiritual growth
  • Message from your Spirit Guides and Angels
  • Clearing of all the blocks found during the reading

Regular Price: $300

Special Price: $250 (Save$50)

(Limited Time Only)

Please, read disclaimer before booking.

 Angel Messages and Inspirations  

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