What's Your Abundance Set Point?

What you think about your ability to create abundance in your life determines your outcome. Most people look at abundance only as the ability to make and receive money, but true abundance does have at least 3 components: money, health and love.

Your belief system influences your ability to achieve your financial goals, your love goals, your health goals because it establishes your set point for how much abundance you can create in your life.

Look at your life to determine what your set point for the following is:
1. Financial abundance
2. Loving relationships
3. Health and wellbeing

You will notice how your set point for all three can very low. In fact most people believe that a certain amount of money, a little bit of love and a discreet level of health will be sufficient. Your set point may be higher for relationships and health, but very low for money.

These are those people who think that all you need is love or that health is the most important asset in life. For others money is set at a very high set point, but relationships is low and health just enough to get by. These people are those who put all their energies in working hard, but do not spent any attention to relationships and love.

When you decide to see life from the point of you of your ego, you will tell yourself that a certain amount of money, a little bit of love, and occasional amounts of happiness in your life will be sufficient and that’s all you can ask for. The result is one of the above possible combinations. People will tell you: “You are lucky to have a job,” or they will say: “You are lucky to at least have a family or loved ones,” or they may say: “At least you have your health!”

You may not consciously have these beliefs, but they are there working in the background of your mind lurking and determining your outcome. Ultimately they control your level of abundance, health and love.

As you can see, when you decide to see life from the point of you of your ego mind, you can only see limitation. When you decide to see life from the point of you of your soul, you will be able to tell yourself that there is no limit on how much happiness, how much love and how much money you can have because you are an infinite being and your resources are unlimited.

When you feel this way, you will experience something extraordinary that overcomes your set point. It’s this that allows you to experience life to the fullest. Surprisingly, unexpected and wonderful things may come into your life.

Supporting The Energy Shift

If the unexpected things come and go or they come but they do not stay, you are not able to support the energy of the shift. These things are not permanent because you are not permanently vibrating in alignment with abundance and prosperity. They are only temporary and seem to slip away in a very short period of time.

This happens to you when you shift back to see life through the beliefs you have always known, those who were shaped by habit over the years.

You always have this invisible pull that forces you to view life from the point of you of your limited ego.

Unless you have built a consciousness that can hold the experience of abundance you want, you will find ways, through self-sabotage, to get rid of it. You lack the correct vibration to uphold the energy necessary to stay in that frame of mind and behavior.

You might notice that you swing back and forth between the state of mind of your ego and that of your soul throughout periods of your life.

After the momentum of greatest success is lost, you swing back from the high to the low, back to your ego’s mentality and frame of reference for your life experience.

You will also noticed that the moments in which thigs are in alignment with your soul’s power are preceded by an event that requires you stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something you would have never thought doing. This action is what creates the shift.

Did you know that over ninety percent of those who strike it big at the lottery return to their previous level of income in less than three years?
They begin spending money, or give money away, and return right back to their abundance set point.

How much money you make is determined by what you think! Look at your life, what is your set point?

Because you do not always know what your subconscious thoughts and belief systems are, saying affirmations before knowing them cannot get you’re the results you desire. But when you look at your life and see what your thinking creates, you can certainly know what you are thinking and what level of consciousness you are aligning to. Pay attention to your set point and how it plays out not only in your ability to create abundance but also in your ability to form meaningful relationships, and achieving health goals.

Now, you can change your set point through conscious choice and shift closer and closer to the point of view of your soul, letting go the limitations of your ego mind.

Letting Go Of Past Life Energy Blocks

Letting go of the limitations of your mind means to discover what vibrational messages you are mentally and emotionally vibrating in alignment with that interfere with the vibration of wealth and abundance.

Your Akashic Record contains energy blocks that can explain why your set point for abundance is set so low for you. This can be a belief that you have adopted from your family or the reason why you have attracted a family that believes in money limitation is because of a past life choice in which you believed that limitation of wealth and money was a noble choice for you.

Some people made a vow of poverty or believed that being poor was liked by God, or that they deserved poverty for whatever reason. 

Usually where there is lack of money, love, or health, the choice that was made in a past life was not based on power, but fear, anger, shame or blame. Discovering what choice you made in a past life will be able to help you understand the choices you are making now that align with a low abundance set point.

As you change your choices, you will be able to increase your abundance set point automatically.

Many Blessings!


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