Abundance love joy peace patience light

by Robyn
(Easte pointe MI USA)

Thank you Lord for giving me financial freedom joy love and peace a nice car to get around.

A better job so I can support myself.

Finding my soul mate who enjoys the things I do that wants to care for me and be there for me in Jesus name I Pray.

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Overwhelming love & abundance
by: Boa, USA

Dear God,

I am happy and grateful for your divine guidance in my life, directing me each step of the way to live in your word with confidence and faith that all is well. You have blessed me with such a beautiful soul to spend my life with and love immensely.

Thank you for making the impossible possible and defying all odds when the situation seemed too difficult to handle. Your strength in me is ever powerful.

Thank you for the abundance in my life in the forms of money, love, happiness, and good people. Just when times feel scarce, you always send the right people to light the way.

I pray to live in you and you in me.

In Jesus name. Thy will be done.

Dear God & Angels
by: AK

Thank you for having me come across my past life partner A.S.Thank you for having me and A.S go to the same elementary, same highschool, same university. Thank you for having me transfer the third time to go to A.S school. Im happy that I had this bond with him for a long time.

I'm becoming to realize that me and A.S will have a successful, understanding, healthy,and loving and last but not least a lasting relationship in the long run after learning a lot from the problems we faced together when we were very young. Angels, I wish to reunite ( also known as reconnect ) with him. I wish our previous bond to be reformed.

Angels, I kindly request you guys to heal the broken cords and surgically repair the etheric cords that bind, reconnecting them from our auric field between me and A.S. I wish the connection to be repaired and established by having the etheric cords replaced that attached us originally.

Angels, I kindly ask you to help A.S heal from the problems he went through in the past and help him open his eyes and let him know that I'm here ready to accept his past and be happy with him any time.

Angels, I kindly ask you to give A.S the strength to be confident that our relationship will work out because I have faith that our relationship will be successful and positive.

Lastly, god I kindly request you to let angels take the action that I requested them to do, it will increase my happiness thousand times more.

God I kindly ask you to make a way. Please and thank you.

With lots of love,

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