Absorbed Trapped Emotion

Are You Feeling What Others Are Feeling?

Absorbed trapped emotions are emotions that are generated by another person in close proximity to you. You feel the vibrational energy and absorbed it. For example, when a friend is crying you may absorb the emotion of sadness when you hug and console your friend. 

Empaths do tend to absorb emotions from people around them more than usual and store them in their body as if they were their own. This is also called energetic enmeshment that can cause emotional imbalance if not addressed.  

When someone is creating a lot of drama energy and you consciously participate in their drama, you end up absorbing some of the energy they release into the environment. 

Absorbing Negative Emotions 

We all have the ability to absorb emotions from others and from the environment. This is something that we do in order to connect with the world around us. 

Energetically, you send out projection that looks like a cord of energy that allows you to connect with a person. Once you obtain the required information, you release the energy projection and re-integrate it into your energy field. You do this all the time without even knowing.  You use your spiritual senses to gather more information about each situation.

You know this is happening when you get a "feeling" about someone or about a situation. You may not necessarily know this consciously, but unconsciously you are recording the experience.

Ultimately we are all energetically connected and that's how we gather that extrasensory perception that is so important in our daily lives. It allows us to co-operate with people and create our social experiences. 

In some cases it can happen that if you resonate with the energy of the other person more than necessary, you absorb that energy. If it is positive, you will feel emotionally better. If it is negative, you will feel emotionally worse. You may not realize that the reason why you are feeling this way is because of that interaction. But you may tend to want to be around people who make you feel better and avoid those that drain you. I am sure you have had many of these type of interactions.

You end up receiving the vibrational energy of a negative emotion when you allow yourself to be open to the other person. The energy of the negative emotion is generated by the other person but it travels through this energetic cord and you absorb it.

Types of Absorbed Emotions

Received Absorbed Trapped Emotions

These occur when you totally absorb an emotion from the other person. They usually feel better after talking or interacting with you and you feel worse. You have actually helped them process their emotion, but now you are stuck with it. 

Shared Absorbed Trapped Emotion

These occurs when the emotion is created by one person who generates the emotion and the other shares in the feeling. These type of absorbed trapped emotions are more common and they are typically shared between mother and child, spouses and best friends in time of difficulty. 


Empaths are individuals that feel the emotions of others as their own. This is a spiritual gift that allows them to learn about their environment and know how to make choices in life. This is commonly called clairsentience. 

Empaths tend to absorb a lot of emotional energies from the people around them and the environment. The untrained empath does not know that this is happening. All you know is that you prefer to avoid large crowds, certain people and situation as a way to protect yourself from feeling inundated by the emotional energies of others.

The spiritual gift of claisentience gives you the ability to receive spiritual information through your senses. You learn through the way you feel. Your feelings are the feedback mechanism that allows you to get to know yourself and the world.

They worst thing empaths can do is to shut off their feelings. When that happens, they becomes completely disconnected with themselves and the world.Feelings and emotions are tools of communication, healing and knowledge for the empath person.

If you think that you are an empath, consider checking in with how you feel as often as possible during the day and ask yourself:

  • Did I create this emotions? 
  • Did I absorb this emotions from somebody else? 
  • Did I suppress this emotions? 

Your job is to listen to your emotions because they have important messages that are so valuable for your life and for the way you make choices. Ask yourself:

  • What is this telling me about this situation?
  • What is this telling about my relationship with this person?
  • What is this telling me about myself?

Absorbing Emotions From The Environment

You may not be aware of the fact that in your environment there are many energies. Some are uplifting and some are draining. 

Have you ever entered a room and felt like the energy of the place was heavy, dense, thick and draining?  A part of you is telling you to leave, but your conscious mind does not really see anything physically wrong or threatening with the place. 

If a place is not energetically cleansed on a regular bases, stagnant emotional and mental energy builds up over time. Environments where a lot of negative mental and emotional energy has been released are commonly found in hospitals, airports, train and bus stations and anywhere where people gather in large groups.

Older homes may also have a lot of stagnant energy that comes from those who lived there in the past. 

You can pick up on the vibrational energy and start to resonate and respond to this vibrations. Eventually, if you stay there long enough, you will feel the emotions as part of you. You feel moodier, irritable, and angry for no reason. When this happens, you have absorbed the emotional state of another person.

Empaths and sensitive people are always the first to respond to these type of negative environmental vibrations and don't always feel safe in certain places.

Empaths tend to be energy sponges and absorb these energies in the attempt to clear the area from negativity. They also need time to check in on how they feel and develop tools for clearing this type of energies.

You cannot see these energy pollution, but it is there and it does affect those who are very sensitive. Over time, I believe that it affects everybody on a subconscious level. So,  your home and office can carry negative energies of thought and emotions from those who have been there before you.  

If you are an empath, you tend to feel exhausted from going out or spending time in places where there is a lot of negative energies.

On the other hand, empaths tend to feel better in contact with nature. In fact nature has a deep cleansing effect on your aura. If you are an empath, spending time in nature will help you free yourself from the accumulated energy debris. 

Releasing Absorbed Negative Emotions

The following is a simple, yet powerful way to become aware of what you are carrying energetically and what you are absorbing as you go about your life.

Visualize a beautiful pool made entirely of clear green liquid light energy.

Visualize yourself entering into the pool.

As you enter in contact with the water, sense and feel the energy field that surround your physical body releasing gently into the pool of liquid light all the energetic debris that you are carrying and say the following:

"I allow the light to cleanse away all the energetic imprints of thought and emotions that I picked up from other people or the environment. I ask assistance from my guardian angel to help me complete this process thoroughly. If there is something I need to become aware of, please raise my level of awareness, so that I can work on the aspects of myself that needs healing. Thank you!" 

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