A heart full of love and gratitude

by Marie
(San Rafael, ca)

I am eternally grateful for my guidance from my angels. For my ever increasing abundance for the infinite love and connection I feel in my heart for all.

Every day is a day for growth and expansion. I am grateful for all the money that flows so easily to me.

My giving is in direct proportion to this receiving and hope to continue with direction from God.

Thank you on my amazing daughter and family and the continued closeness we experience.

Thank you for my company, Fitness SF. Bless zsolt, don d, Mitra, Gwynn Ryan, Cosmo, Feliz, Toni D. Please bless all my clients with perfect health and prosperity. Send Jessica my love.

Thank you for my car, beautiful home, my lottery winnings and all my gifts I am blessed with.

Help me to live in this love and gratitude daily. Show me how I may serve...

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