Are Your Ready To Restore Emotional Balance?

If you are here right now, a part of you is telling that you need to seek a deeper level of balance in your life. When you restore emotional balance, your life changes in a brand new direction. Feeling centered and balance is the most amazing way to live your life!

My name is Maria Atzori and I am a Certified Emotion/Body Code practitioner and I assist people restore emotional balance. I communicate with the Healing Angels. I have always had a very strong ability to feel the emotions of others and as an empath I have learnt how to restore emotional balance in my own life. The greatest support  has comes from the Healing Angels. 

I always feel guided and supported by them, especially when I loose my center. They have this amazing ability to help me shift my vibration to higher levels of awareness and knowledge and show me why I am going through what I am going through. 

No matter what you are feeling right now, know that there is a purpose and a teaching that your conscious mind may not be able to understand but that is in perfect alignment with your soul's path.

Collectively we are all experiencing a lot of changes that are testing our very own essence and ability to stay in balance.

In order to restore emotional balance you need to be able to go within, discover your emotional blocks and release them. 

Once this is accomplished in order to maintain this balance in your life, you need to be able to keep your vibration in alignment with positive emotions and positive thoughts. The Healing Angels are great masters of teaching you how to keep these energetic patters in place each day. 

If you are not feeling positive emotions, you are allowing negative emotions to run your life.

Are Negative Emotions Running Your Life?

Negative emotions are the major reason cause of your stress and anxiety. They disrupt your efforts to restore emotional balance and find peace of mind. 

Have you ever experienced your heart pounding, a knot in your stomach, extreme nervousness, insomnia, anger, or anxiety? You probably have come to accept this condition as part of your life and called it stress.

However, the effects of stress are much more insidious than you may realize. Stress contributes heavily to major chronic and devastating diseases and life-threatening illnesses.

Stress and how you handle it can be traced back your childhood conditioning that contributed to your current set of emotions and beliefs.

If you feel emotionally out of balance all the time, you can rest assure that stress is to blame. In order to restore emotional balance you need to shift your fear-based emotions, like anger, resentment, insecurity, dread into love-based emotions, like happiness, gratitude, trust, self-love, forgiveness and joy.

It’s natural to feel negative emotions during everyday life. If properly expressed, they do not cause you any harm. However, negative emotions can become trapped during a traumatic or emotionally difficult situation.

When negative emotions are kept inside, they can cause difficulties that may result in self-sabotage, emotional and physical issues.

It’s often easier to suppress a strong emotion than to express it in a healthy way. As a result, you keep emotions stuffed away somewhere in your body’s energy field. 

Trapped negative emotions cause stress, anxiety and work against your ability to maintain peace and happiness in your life.

If you can't restore emotional balance after feeling down, you have kept the negative emotions inside.

You know you carry this burden because you feel emotionally out of balance and unable to feel inner peace and contentment in close relationships with other people. When you have a heavy emotional load weighting on your spirit, you feel stuck. This happens because when you are plugged with negative emotions, you don’t have access to your full potential. 

Break Down The Wall Of Resistance

You may have noticed that in order to achieve your goals you need to work harder than the average person. Things don’t come easily to you when you are tormented by intense negative emotions of fear, insecurity, and unworthiness.  

You don’t consciously choose to feel those emotions, but they seem to surface easily and you don’t know how to process them because it’s painful to face them. In the end, it’s easier to suppress them.

Nevertheless, they may come out in the form of nightmares, anxiety, phobias, restlessness, body pain, poor mental focus, learning difficulties, etc. 

It feels as if you have an invisible wall of resistance around you that creates self-sabotage or other emotional blocks. This wall is real and it's made of negative energy. You can't restore emotional balance when this wall is up.

A trapped emotion will stay stuck inside of your body and vibrate negatively causing you to attract more of the same negative energy until it is energetically released. 

Healing From Trapped Emotions

There are many studies on the ill effects of mental stress on people's immune system. Stress plays havoc with your immune system each second you experience it. This can has been measure to be the case in many clinical studies. 

When you are under repetitive stress, including little irritations of daily life, the activity of your natural killer cells decreases and their ability to manufacture interferon goes down so your body cannot fight infections. 

The Center for Disease Control estimates that 85% of all diseases have an emotional element. Healing from physical and mental conditions is connected to your ability to restore emotional balance. 

Repetitive negative emotions cause a negative state of being that creates an energy block within the body that overtime manifests as a physical disease.

Negative emotions create real physiological changes within your body. These negative emotions are deep uncomfortable feelings they become trapped in your body affecting your glands, organs and tissues.

Suppressed emotions generates profound changes in the autonomous nervous system, which controls the cardiovascular response and also the endocrine system. 

Here are some examples:


Think about the physical effects of the Fight or Flight response of stress and the effects it has on your body: your heart beat increases, your month gets dry, your pupils dilate, your muscles get ready to face your danger or to run away. 


Also, consider the physical effects of sadness. The most common one is crying. When you cry, your body is responding to emotional or physical pain. When you experience sadness, the levels of serotonin a mood modulator neurotransmitter decrease, showing real measurable changes occurring in your body.


Think about how anger feels like in your body. Most angry people are lead to a violent body reaction, like hitting, punching or kicking. Anger is an emotional reaction that always impacts the body in a negative way.

When you are angry, your blood pressure goes up and your body increases the production of adrenaline, a stress hormone. 

You will carry the side effects of your negative emotions for a long time, during which your body is overwhelmed with stress hormones, inflammation and illness. 

The Victim Mentality

Blaming your health, money and relationships problems on stress will not solve them. It will make them stronger.

If you blame a lot of things on this external "entity" you call stress, you are actually finding an excuse for your problems and you easily enter into the "victim mentality" from which you cannot get out unless you take control. 

Taking control does not mean to intellectualize your issues. Talking about them and trying to make sense of why you are the way you are and who is to blame for it is not the solution.

The real question is: "What are you going to do about it?"

Without action there is no transformation. 

In order to create real transformation in your life you need to:

1. Indentify the emotions that cause your stress

2. Determine where they are located in your body

3. Release them and replace them with positive vibration

The Benefits Of Feeling Positive Emotions

The Healing Angels always say: " When you heal your Heart and you heal your life."

What thy mean is that when you are in your heart center and are feeling the healing vibration of unconditional love for yourself and others, anything is possible. This is the state that can create miracles, and the angels are masters of that!

Positive emotions like happiness, joy and gratitude may make you smile, giggle or even laugh. These are positive and beneficial physiological responses that heal your body because they restore emotional balance.

New research indicates that laughing releases feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins, which are natural biochemicals made by the body to relieve pain. 

In order to restore emotional balance is important to release the negative emotions and learn how to bring in more positive emotions into your daily life experience. I am not talking about reaching happiness one day when everything thing in your life is perfect. I am talking about being happy now even with your imperfections. 

Discover Greater Health & Happiness

Emotions are the language of the body. You cannot afford not to learn this language! 

Trapped emotions are made of negative energy and they influence physical tissues in structure and function causing anxiety, stress, physical pain, and ill effects of any kind.

When you identify and release negative emotions that get trapped in you body as a result of trauma, you feel lighter. 

Releasing trapped emotions makes the conditions right for the body to heal itself. As a consequence, physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or became less bothersome allowing for recovery and wellness.

The negative energy you have accumulated over the years gets stuck within your physical body, causing pain and discomfort at the mental, emotional and physical level. 

When you let go what's emotionally blocking you, new opportunities manifest at your door step.

Many Blessings!


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